Les Transformation is a brainchild of few leading cognitive educationalist and visionaries of the country. It came into existence when the brain behind this idea realised that teachers not only in our country but across the world needs career development.

After 6 years of research they were able to find out the loopholes in existing approaches and came to a conclusion that they will design result-oriented program for not only teachers but also to schools, students and parents and provide end-to-end learning solutions.

As a result, today, Les have its own range of products which allow schools to develop, teachers in enhancing their performance, give holistic education to students, and solidify the parent-school partnership.


SURAASA is one of the product of Les Transformation. It is an online platform which measures the current skills of teachers and prepare customized plans for each teacher in order to bring the best in them. Free assessment test is taken followed by analysis and making individualized strategies.

100 schools and 4000 teachers have collaborated with us since our inception and they are still associated with us. And the main reason behind this is not our informative courses or effective training, but the fun teachers have while learning. They do not have to read boring paragraphs for hours. Teachers learn & improve practically. Skills are built with the help of case studies, games, videos, activities. It keeps them motivated, they learn happily and this is the type of learning that will take your teaching career a long way.

WHY SURAASA APP (Blended Learning)

In present time, only ‘instant’ things satisfy the people- instant messages, instant noodles, Facebook instant articles. Instant gives gratification and as a service provider it is our responsibility to provide our customers with the feeling of fulfilment.

Suraasa App will allow you indulgence at your fingertips via:

  • Making Suraasa service easily accessible
  • Giving faster access to the platform
  • Keeping you updated through on-time notifications
  • Allowing you to use it anytime, from anywhere
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Personalising your overall experience


Let your certificate talk

The certificate will not be a mere printed paper, but a proof of your successful completion of modules. The certificate will have a credit score which will be added to a teacher’s profile. Also, it can be validated on our website with the help of the unique code printed on it.

This is your time to show what you know with certifications and shine bright amidst your colleagues, across the country.

Become a master with training modules

The cutting edge training course modules bridges the gap between where you are and where you want to be. They are made in game like structure to make learning fun for you. Once you clear the current level, only then you can move to the next one.

Every module is a concoction of illustrations, text and videos grabbing your attention and teaching you strategies in order to bring positive change in the teaching pattern and the education system as whole.

Continuous learning

Getting stuck can never be fun. And dedicated teachers are lifelong learners. Keeping these two things in mind, our modules has been designed. The modules contain activities, success stories and case studies demanding no hours but only few minutes from your preoccupied life. They will give your have-come-to-a-halt teaching career a kick start and ensure a fulfilling growth.

If you are interested in reinventing teaching practices, we have got you covered.

Strong profile building

Teachers can build and maintain their professional profile on Suraasa. As and when a teacher will take any module or course, at the end of its completion score will be added to the profile. Your colleagues and schools can go through your profile and know about what you are working on to be at the forefront of the change.

Moreover, it can be your new e-resume!