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Course Instructor/Publisher: Rishabh Khanna

Course Language: English

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Course Level: Intermediate

Credit Value: 1.5 Credits

  • Planning is the prerequisite if one wishes to achieve goals. Most of the time targets remain unachieved because either people don’t plan or even if they do then they do not follow it diligently. The same happens to a teacher in that one period if it goes unplanned because the target is not only to get done with the syllabus. The lesson should be given in a manner that each and every child pays attention to it and understands it. Therefore, this module.

    It will teach you that how you can get the maximum output from every period without compromising on the syllabus.

    • Welcome Video – Advanced Lesson Planning
    • Lesson Planning: Should we or shouldn’t we
    • Introduce the course topic: Planning before teaching

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