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Course Level: Intermediate

Credit Value: 1.5 Credits

  • The name might be Bloom’s Taxonomy for Schools but this concept is so strong that it is used not only by K-12 teachers but also colleges. The taxonomy has been named after renowned educational psychologist, Benjamin Bloom, who made a framework with his collaborators, categorizing educational goals in- remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate and create.
    With the help of this, learning takes place in an organized manner and as per a well built structure. Also, teachers are able to explore the concepts of cognitive domain, six thinking skill level of students and much more.

  • Bloom’s Week 1 Bloom’s Week 3
    • Suraasa’s Code of Honour
    • Introduction to the course
    • Why learn about learning taxonomies?
    • Pre Assessment
    • Introduction to Taxonomies
    • What is taxonomy?
    • Introducing various taxonomies
    • A dive into learning taxonomies
    • Evolution of Bloom’s Taxonomy
    • What did Bloom want?
    • Start Discussion
    • Distinguishing between Bloom’s & Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy
    • Work of Bloom’s successors
    • Reply Discussion
    • Milestone Quiz 1
    • Bloom’s For Assessment
    • The fear of assessment
    • Golden rules of assessment
    • Executing a successful assessment
    • Assessment Verbs
    • Asking the right questions
    • Start Discussion
    • Assessing Pre-knowledge
    • Understanding & handling pre-knowledge gap
    • Reply Discussion
    • Using Assessment for learning
    • Testing to teach better
    • Bloom’s in formal assessment
    • Testing what we taught
    • Milestone Quiz 3
    Bloom’s Week 2 Bloom’s Week 4
    • Lower Order Thinking Skills
    • Lower Order Thinking Skills (LOTS) in classroom
    • Higher Order Thinking Skills
    • Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) in classroom
    • Beginning with the end in Mind
    • Structuring LOTS & HOTS before entering the classroom
    • Start Discussion
    • Connecting LO’s & Taxonomy
    • Learning outcomes a distant dream?
    • Reply Discussion
    • Connecting Learners to LO’s
    • Is that learning outcome for me?
    • Milestone Quiz 2
    • Identifying good resources
    • Don’t create, just curate
    • Start Discussion
    • Case study 1 (Part 1)
    • Milestone Quiz 4
    • Case Study 1(Part 2)
    • Milestone Quiz 5
    • Case Study 1(Part 3)
    • Reply Discussion
    • Case Study no. 2
    • Handling queries using Bloom’s Taxonomy
    • Action Plan
    • Action Plan
    • Post Assessment

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