November 23, 2021

5 Effective Teaching Methods you Need to Know

5 Effective Teaching Methods you Need to Know

Teachers are undoubtedly one of the most underrated champions of our society. They not only help our future generations with finding a purpose in life but also prepare them for the struggles and challenges of a competitive world outside the classroom. 

However, all the children in this world are unique in their own ways and learn at their own pace. Some may possess quick learning capabilities, while some may be slow learners and need more effort to perform better. Thus, the idea of “one solution for all” does not fit in the field of teaching, and teachers are required to come up with different teaching methods and strategies in a classroom for ensuring learning for all kinds of students.

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What are Teaching Methods?

Teaching methods typically refer to the general principles, pedagogies, and management strategies used by teachers in a classroom for educating students in the most effective and efficient way. These are selected on the basis of various factors like the teacher's educational philosophies, demographics of the classroom, and subject areas. 

Using different teaching methods in a classroom ensures holistic growth of the students and also improves their problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities. It encourages collaboration and helps them in developing decision-making skills. 

Here are the 5 teaching methods that can help students to learn better in a classroom :

1. Student-Centric Discussion

Student-centric discussion is a teaching method that allows students to understand more about topics or concepts via collaboration and cooperation. It involves detailed discussion on topics or ideas that eventually boosts students’ confidence, productivity, and implementation skills. It also improves their comprehension, speaking, and listening skills that reflect in their assessments.

students practising together

2. Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning is a teaching approach that focuses on encouraging teamwork and partnership. It involves bringing together students with various skills in groups for solving a problem or completing a task. Different minds generate various perspectives and viewpoints that help students understand the concepts better and more effectively.

students in a group

3. Flipped Classroom

Flipped classroom is an innovative teaching approach that works in contrast to traditional classroom learning. In a traditional classroom, students are introduced to new concepts and are asked to practice those concepts as homework. Whereas, in a flipped classroom, students learn new concepts in their homes and practise them in school in the form of presentations, debates, or lab experiments. This not only increases students' engagement but also boosts their self-confidence and analytical skills.

A student giving presentation in class

4. VAK Teaching

VAK teaching stands for Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic. It is a very comprehensive teaching method that focuses on improved learning experiences using three main sensory receivers. As per transitional beliefs, students tend to use their senses to learn and understand new concepts. VAK teaching allows students to recognize their dominant and preferred learning styles.

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5. Spaced Learning

Spaced learning is a teaching method that makes practising a skill or retrieving information efficient for students. It involves breaking a long course into multiple short sessions or modules and making students understand them with appropriate breaks. This helps students in retaining information better.

a teacher planning the lessons

Using different teaching methods and strategies, teachers can educate students better and inspire them to bring a positive change in society. Moreover, these methods make the students learn new concepts and empower them with essential life skills. If you’re indecisive about the appropriate teaching methods, you may consider enrolling in programs like Suraasa’s Learning Theories and Teaching Strategies that will help you in learning and implementing effective teaching methods in a classroom.

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