December 12, 2021

How to Move from an Assistant Teacher to the Principal of a School?

How to Move from an Assistant Teacher to the Principal of a School?

In the educational field, the job profile of a Principal is the most rewarding designation. One of the reasons for joining the teaching profession is often to make an impact on society. And as the head of an educational institution, the principal gets a chance to make a positive change in students. However, the pathway to reaching this career milestone isn't easy. One has to put in hours of hard work and complete a professional certificate in teaching to become eligible for the role.

How to move from an assistant teacher to a principal of a school

This role involves administrative work along with development of the curriculum for the school. Most teachers who wish to achieve this milestone and move from assistant teachers to the position of a principal must start working on themselves to attain their desired goals. This article explores the needs and expectations of the job profile of a principal. 

Must-have Skills of a Principal

As time passes and innovation takes place, the learning requirements of students keep changing. This is why, as the head of a school, it is of utmost importance to work towards holistic development of the students and make them ready for tomorrow. Here are some integral attributes a principal must have:

  • The top skill required as a principal is leadership. Its value cannot be undermined in the teaching profession. Not just schools, but the staff and teachers need a strong leader to look up to and guide them. After all, as the principal, the main task is to take charge of the educational institution.
  • If one word is to be used to describe a Principal’s attribute, it would be visionary. As the head of a school, the ability to think of the future and plan accordingly is very important. Additionally, day to day as well yearly plans need to be made in advance for proper functioning of the institution.
Skills of a principal

Requirements to Become a Principal

Schools and educational institutions need a good leader to take charge of the school. This is why for a teacher to become a Principal, some necessary qualifications are required. These may include the following:

  • Completing a teacher training program that is curated especially for educators who aspire to become a principal. It is usually a two-year master’s course that requires hard work and dedication.
  • Some schools may require leadership training. They aim to aid the teacher to perform better and be equipped with the necessary leadership skills before taking the charge of the school.
  • Another important factor is the experience of a teacher in the education industry to become a Principal. It is because only efficient teachers become successful principals. Before being eligible for the designation, educators must have years of teaching experience in their specialisation.
Requirements to become a principal


Teachers who are aspiring to become Principals, one day, must invest in continuous professional development. From grooming and polishing one’s skill set to gaining expertise through the help of a teaching certificate, it is also necessary for educators to upgrade their knowledge. To understand and guide them on this pathway, a mentor can be of huge help. Suraasa offers teachers the opportunity to take advice on achieving their goals. These consultants provide a plan of action and a growth timeline that can help teachers accelerate their professional development.

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