December 14, 2021

Tips to Crack the CTET Exam in the First Attempt

Tips to Crack the CTET Exam in the First Attempt

The growth in the education sector has been profound. Updated curriculum and better education policy have increased the standards of teaching in the country. Therefore, it has become highly competitive and hard to sustain in the industry. Furthermore, it is essential to continue working on your pedagogical skills. If you are planning to become a teacher, you need to create a career framework for yourself to get a better understanding of which teaching training certificate you need to get and what exams you need to clear to join the teaching line. People interested in building their career in the teaching profession must pass the CTET exam after their teacher training certificate. 

Although the CTET exam is highly competitive, with optimum preparation, one can crack it in the first attempt. First and foremost, an effective strategy needs to be followed while studying for the assessment. Continue reading if you want to know about how you can crack the Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) in the first attempt.

How to crack CTET in the first attempt

3 Best CTET Preparation Tips to Excel in the Exam

1. Be Thorough with the CTET Syllabus

The first thing to do to start preparing for the exam is to identify and note down all the subjects and topics that need to be covered. Make sure you read thoroughly about child development and pedagogy as 50% of the questions are framed on it. Now, ensure that you go through the entire book at least once on every subject to clear the basics. It will be helpful in determining your strong and weak subject areas. Then accordingly, plan to work and put more effort into the areas that need improvement.

Be thorough with the CTET syllabus

2. Practise with Mock Tests

Practice is the key. It is impossible to go unprepared and crack this test. Mock tests are designed to provide the experience of giving the actual exam. Continuously practising mock papers helps in the revision process as well as in identifying the areas that need to be worked upon. Mock tests also help in time management for the actual exam and in familiarising with the pattern and experience of giving the assessment. For better results, mock tests are always the best way to practise for the test.

Practise with mock tests

3. Focus on Speed

A very important thing to consider while preparing for the CTET is speed. The test has 6 sections and is relatively lengthy. It has a total of 150 questions that need to be finished within 150 minutes. That means, you get an average of 1 minute for each question to be solved. To complete the test within the allotted time frame, it is important to work on your speed. Set a timer and then attempt the mock tests at home to get a clear idea about the time. Then, focus on time management. This strategy stimulates the mind and improves the focus for the examination day.

Focus on speed


As important as CTET is for teachers today, it is also important to improve the pedagogical skills. Teachers need to focus on improving their skill set and knowledge to grow and accelerate in their careers. This can open gateways to better opportunities for them. Also, taking the right courses on the professional development of teachers, from platforms such as Suraasa can help in their career growth.

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