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Course Instructor/Publisher: Rishabh Khanna

Course Language: English

Validity (in days): 45 Days

Course Level: Beginner

Credit Value: 1.5 Credits

The daily schedules prescribed for teachers act as a roadblock between them and students. It minimizes the time for teachers in which they can know about their students’ interest and develop engaging learning opportunities for them. This communication gap leads to the categorization of students under the excellent, good, average and poor, brilliant, intelligent, okay, slow, weak which eventually hampers their academic growth. Therefore, this module.
According to it, teachers should know their learners i.e. students. It will help them to know about a student’s need and conduct the classes accordingly.


KYL – Week 1 KYL – Week 3
  • Survey
  • Welcome Video
  • Education in 21st Century
  • Introduce the course topic: Relevance today
  • Learning out comes of the course
  • Learning outcomes of the course
  • Problems one faces in the classroom
  • Start Discussion
  • Type of Students in a Classroom
  • Classification of learners in the class
  • Reply Discussion
  • Classification of learners before the class
  • Milestone Quiz 1
  • Styles of Learning: Visual Style
  • Visual Learners
  • Styles of Learning: Auditory Style
  • Auditory Learners
  • Style of Learning: Kinesthetic Style
  • Kinesthetic Learners
  • Start Discussion
  • Reply Discussion
  • Milestone Quiz 3
  • Activity 2
  • Learning Styles
  • Activity 3
KYL – Week 2 KYL – Week 4
  • Introduction to Learner Profiles
  • Learner Profile
  • Start Discussion
  • Parameter 1: Group Orientation
  • Activity 1
  • Parameter 2: Learning Environment
  • Milestone Quiz 2
  • Reply Discussion
  • Parameter 3: Learning Styles
  • Know your learning style (VAK assessment)
  • How do Learning styles work?
  • Case Study
  • Milestone Quiz 4
  • Case Study (contd.)
  • Milestone Quiz 5
  • Case Study (contd.)
  • Article
  • Case Study
  • Milestone Quiz 6
  • Case Study
  • Start Discussion
  • Reply Discussion
  • Action Plan
  • Action Plan
  • Milestone Quiz 7
  • Feedback


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