Professional Graduate Certificate in Teaching & Learning (PgCTL)


What is PgCTL?

Professional Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning (PgCTL) is a UK Level 6 teaching qualification designed to help teachers accelerate their professional growth and be successful in creating a high impact teaching and learning experience in their classrooms. 


This qualification was designed in consultation with thousands of teachers and industry specialists with an objective to equip teachers with 21st Century Teaching Skills to teach the Millenials.


It is a perfect example of moving away from a traditional theoretical knowledge based qualification to a future ready skills and competencies based teaching qualification that creates a direct impact in the classroom teaching & learning.


The PgCTL course isn’t for everyone. It suits only the ones who wish to see growth in their teaching careers and would fall in one of the following three categories. 

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“Top-performing schools around the world have high standards when it comes to Teacher hiring. They recruit only the best teachers.”

Who Can take this course?

Aspiring Teachers

If you are an aspiring teacher and are looking for a place to start, this should be your first step. 

We have helped hundreds of teachers to start a teaching career.


Uncertified In-service Teachers

If you are already working in a teaching role and want to get certified to meet regulatory requirements of having an approved teacher qualification. We have worked with schools and individual teachers to help them meet regulatory requirements of having the correct teaching qualifications.

Certified Teachers

If you are a qualified & certified teacher and want to broaden the horizon by upskilling to new age teaching skills. We have transformed teachers with over 15 years of teaching experience to 21st century ready teachers and have helped them in faster upward movement in their career ladders.

International Recognition and Accreditations

PgCTL is a UK Level 6 qualification (in alignment with QFE Level 7) and is recognised to meet International Teaching Standards and benchmarking criteria. It comes with an option to get an Ofqual registered ATHE UK Level 6 Diploma in Teaching as a dual award that helps meeting in KHDA requirements as well as prepares teachers for a global role.

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Mode of Delivery

PgCTL is designed to prepare you for your teaching role and also goes hand-in-hand with your current teaching job. Everything you learn during the course is structured to be implemented in your classroom in real-time. 

We acknowledge the various responsibilities that come as a part of being in the teaching profession. Therefore, we provide flexibility in the mode of delivery for the program. The teachers can choose between Centre-based Classroom Programs or Online Virtual Classroom Program depending on their needs and requirements.

Classroom Programs

Virtual Classroom Programs

Why Choose PgCTL?


Join the worldwide network of highly skilled teachers committed to transforming their teaching practices and enhancing student learning.

Recorded Classes

Make sure that you never miss out with free access to recorded classes for all the courses you’re enrolled in.

Video profile

Showcase your skills and your teaching potential to the teaching community and potential employers with a video based profile.

Mentor led classes

Learn with constant support and guidance from an assigned mentor dedicated to helping you overcome any roadblocks.

Job Opportunities

Get dedicated access to premium job features including free consultation, guidance on career mapping and priority interview support.

Suraasa Skill Portfolio

Reach out to employers with verified skills and evidence of work done with lifetime access to Suraasa’s skill portfolio.

Hands-On experience

Get acquainted with practical application of the concepts you learn here through numerous case studies and classroom projects.

Video Based Modules

Indulge in self learning with additional study material available as video based learning modules and highly informative articles.

Benefit to UAE Teachers

As directed by the UAE government, any candidate who wishes to practice as a teacher in the region must obtain a UAE Teacher License. In addition, if you wish to teach in Dubai,  you must acquire the KHDA Competent Teacher Status. Both these requirements are based on the UAE Teaching Standards.


Professional Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning (PgCTL) is based on Teacher Standards as defined by TELS UAE. These standards aim to strengthen the understanding of UAE specific learner needs, expected commitment to one’s own professional development and appropriate ethical conduct in the local context. These skills are crucial to ace the pedagogical assessments conducted prior to attainment of the teacher license. 


The program also includes the 6 Mandatory Professional Development courses (MPDs) directed by KHDA which every teacher must undertake in order to be eligible for teaching in any private school in Dubai.

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Included Courses & Studies

Following modules are covered in our mentor-led classes and self-paced learning systems on Suraasa:

This unit will talk about various learning theories and how to correlate them with students’ needs in one’s own classroom to formulate effective teaching strategies that are adjusted to cater to diverse learning needs of different kinds of students and help them meet the required learning objectives.

This unit will help teachers use their contact hours with the students optimally. Lesson planning, when done effectively, leads to efficient time management, smooth delivery of lessons and extra time for doubts and other unforeseeable situations that might arise in a classroom setting.

This unit will enhance the questioning skills of teachers and prepare them to always adopt taxonomy based measurable questioning techniques in classrooms in order to keep in mind different students’ learning styles and the thinking skill level they are expected to be at during any assessment activity and avoid biases.

This unit is created for teachers to understand the significance of feedback in an educational setting and how it ties all the stakeholders together. Teachers will be introduced to various approaches that must be followed while giving and receiving feedback. The unit also talks about how to use feedback in the classroom to improve student learning.

This unit enables teachers to use their understanding of reflection and reflective practices to guide their own professional development. Teachers will learn of various approaches that can be followed to embed reflective practice in teaching methodologies and how to draw inferences from this activity to improve classroom environment.

This unit will take teachers through the different learning styles that shape students’ learning preferences, different emotional and learning needs of students’ through each developmental stage and various learning taxonomies that guide teaching practices in the classroom.

This unit focuses on how the physical environment impacts student behaviour and how making infrastructural changes in the classroom will reflect in student learning and outcomes. Teachers will also learn to incorporate various components in the classroom set up to create a space conducive to learning.

This unit will underline the key differences between assessment and evaluation and the roles played by each in learning. Teachers will explore the various different ways to introduce integrated assessment in their classroom and use it to guide learning among students.

This unit will focus on building ethical conduct in the teacher’s personal and professional life. The main purpose of this is to make teachers aware of their own perceptions, how perceptions play a role in our daily lives and how to navigate through situations where ethics might be perceptive.

This unit will describe the impact of technology on modern education and guide teachers through the process of getting familiar with assistive technology themselves in order to engage learners in the classrooms effectively. Teachers will be able to enhance the quality of instruction with technological aids.



10 month Classroom and Virtual Classroom PRograms

Choice to study in English and ARABic

Students also get an option to choose for an extended diploma at the end of the program.

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  • Professional Graduate Diploma without quitting your job
  • Cutting-edge curriculum designed by industry experts
  • Secure jobs with the best schools worldwide with placement guarantee
  • Access to the community of thousands of teachers sharing best practices