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Course Instructor/Publisher: Rishabh Khanna

Course Language: English

Validity (in days): 45 Days

Course Level: Intermediate

Credit Value: 1.5 Credits

This is a level 2 course and must be preceded by level 1 courses.

Imagine a teacher effectively using discreet teaching strategies in the class as per the needs the students. This unit focuses on equipping teachers with the effective strategy for teaching and to assess the prevailing knowledge of a student and then use it as a base to construct new concepts using different procedures. The teacher evolves as a facilitator and empowers students to evolve as curious learners. Teacher will learn to use a variety of Exploratory activities, will be able to use Constructivism to help students acquire conceptual knowledge & also encourage participation in class.
This module enable teachers in building knowledge through “Learning by Doing” and harness student’s potential in learning by using different activities that can make their teaching more effective.
Finally, this module encourages experiential learning and reiterates that learning does not happen in isolation and interdisciplinary approach is highly effective and enables students to use learning in real life and connect the importance of studying various subjects.


  • Welcome Video – Teaching Strategies
  • Teaching Strategies
  • Introduce the course topic: Teaching Strategies


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