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Course Instructor/Publisher: Prof. M M Pant

Course Language: English

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Course Level: Beginner

Credit Value: 1.5 Credits

What teachers are doing in the classrooms to empower all the students with learning mindsets and skills is no less than an inspiration. It is more of so because we know that still the basic architecture of our outdated factory-model exists when it comes to teaching methods. And amidst this even few educators are practicing innovative & effective teaching methods, it should be welcomed with open arms.

If you are the one who has started with them or wish to begin with then this Module is for you. It will introduce you to upcoming pedagogies & teaching technologies and describe its implementation and practice. Also, module throws a light on the evolving role of a teacher and talks about their importance in the years to come.


Transcending Traditional Teaching–Week 1 Transcending Traditional Teaching–Week 3
  • Suraasa’s Code of Honour
  • Introduction video
  • What exactly is education
  • Survey
  • Welcome Video
  • Transcending Traditional Teaching
  • Teacher as an Awakener
  • How to awaken a learner in a student
  • Role of curiosity in learning
  • Learning How to Teach
  • Either there are born teachers, or there are non- teachers
  • Start Discussion
  • Teaching How to learn
  • Effective Tips on Learning How to Learn
  • Reply Discussion
  • Milestone Quiz – 1
  • Pedagogical Toolkit for Teachers
  • Exploring Learning Methodologies
  • Technologies that would affect Teaching
  • Big Data
  • Technology in Teaching in Future (Part 1)
  • Machine Learning
  • Technology in Teaching in Future (Part 2)
  • Start Discussion
  • Stages of a learner transformation
  • Stages of a learner transformation
  • Reply Discussion
  • Creating Teachable Moments
  • Teachable Moments
  • Milestone Quiz – 3
Transcending Traditional Teaching–Week 2 Transcending Traditional Teaching–Week 4
  • Teaching How to Think
  • Four kinds of thinking
  • Teaching to be a life long learner
  • All about life long learning
  • Teacher as a Coach
  • Gary Kirsten The Indian Cricket Team Turn around Coach
  • Start Discussion
  • Technology Toolkit for a Teacher
  • Part I: Teaching with Technology
  • Part II: Technology & Pedagogy
  • Reply Discussion
  • Milestone Quiz – 2
  • Desirable Habits & Dispositions (Action Plan)
  • Habits of a Successful Teacher
  • Democratizing Teaching
  • Start Discussion
  • Emergence of a new profession
  • Building the teaching Profession
  • Key Responsibility Areas of a Teacher
  • Reply Discussion
  • Milestone Quiz – 4
  • Action Plan
  • Final Survey


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