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We collect case studies on problems teachers face and how they solve them. We, then, build learning modules around those case studies to let teachers learn from each other. We strongly believe that teachers drive the education systems and hence have created a platform to empower the movers and shakers of the education ecosystem.


Suraasa is a learning platform that intends to redesign the current teacher education systems by building a network of millions of teachers. We are on a mission to empower teachers by curating tools and techniques that are easily usable in the classroom. We help teachers in skilling themselves on latest teaching methodologies and monitoring their learning to analyze if they have improved by leaps and bounds. In a nut shell, we aim to bring the best in a teacher. How?


Suraasa has courses covering traditional to modern teaching methods, successfully being used by teachers around the world. One gets to know about how to evaluate one’s teaching skills & styles by building an insight in to the learner’s cognition. We build courses with inputs from leading educationists, cognitive scientists and thought leaders who drive the education system and have the capability to transform it.

Transcending from Traditional Teaching

Know Your Learner 3.0

POCSO Ready Teachers

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Teaching Strategies

Evaluation Techniques

Bloom’s Taxonomy for Schools

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Questioning Skills

Advanced Lesson Planning

Feedback Strategies

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What matters to us most is ‘the teacher’s point of view’. Here is an account of what teachers think about various issues and teaching related topics today.