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Upgrade Your Teaching Skills

Choose from a variety of teacher skilling programmes and learn from international experts.
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Find The Right Teaching Job

Build your Suraasa profile and apply for high-paying teaching jobs at top international schools.
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A Proven Approach to Teacher Growth

An approach backed by strong international research to make you a successful and happy teacher in the 21st century

Upskill Comfortably

Learn engaging and actionable pedagogy from international teacher trainers, who have spent decades teaching in classrooms. All from the comfort of your home.
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Teach Happily

Become an expert in classroom management and handle each situation effectively to enjoy a stress-free day. Teaching is tough, but we make it easy for you.
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Grow Exponentially

Define your career goals and plan them with the help of Suraasa’s expert mentors. Find high-paying job opportunities in top schools worldwide on Suraasa Jobs Platform.
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Success Stories

    I had no idea that Suraasa was going to be a life-changing platform for me. Suraasa has excellent teacher educators which make you feel connected, provide immense support and a helping hand even after the programmes.
    Ms. Alefiya

    Ms. Alefiya

    Assistant Supervisor in a CBSE Curriculum School

    I was noticed by my Learning Coach, who appreciated my efforts and showed a recording of my interactions with students to set an example for other teachers. In fact, I was awarded the title of the "Best Teaching Assistant"!
    Karishma Dodani

    Karishma Dodani

    English Teacher and Planner in a CBSE Curriculum School

    The Head of Academics at my school was thoroughly impressed by how well-structured my lessons were. I also got the Golden Apple award for setting an outstanding learning environment
    Mary Botros

    Mary Botros

    Teacher in a US Curriculum School

    Within two months of enrolling at Suraasa, I secured a job at a renowned British Curriculum school in Dubai! Recently, my HoD at this school appreciated my efficiently planned and executed lessons!
    Nishat Mulla

    Nishat Mulla

    Business Teacher in a British Curriculum School

    I have learned numerous practical things from Suraasa which I have applied in my lessons and have led me to better achievement of goals. I progressed from a good to an outstanding level.
    Mrs Rania Hassan

    Mrs Rania Hassan

    Teacher in an American Curriculum School

Own Your Growth

It’s the first thing that schools see about you on our platform and is super easy to build!

Build your Suraasa Profile

It’s the first thing that schools see about you on our platform and is super easy to build!


Find Skilled Teachers at Zero Hiring Cost

One Platform for Teacher Recruitment - from sourcing skilled teachers to sending final offers.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Each Suraasa course comes with a certificate by Suraasa, a globally recognised teacher education institution. Further, we offer multiple certification options accredited by various education authorities across the world. You can choose a relevant certificate based on where you want to teach.

For eg. If you want to teach in the UAE or in the UK, you can opt for our ATHE-accredited certificates.

If you are interested in enrolling into a Suraasa upskilling programme, you can schedule a call with your Suraasa mentor at www.suraasa.com/talk-to-a-mentor to find out the right programme for you.

Yes, we certainly can. There are 2 routes to finding jobs through Suraasa:

a) Route 1: Free Job Platform - In this route, you can simply sign up and create a profile on our free job platform for teachers and schools. Schools post their job openings and you can apply for them. Schools will also be able to access your profile in a database of teachers and invite you.

b) Route 2: Suraasa Employment Support - In this route, you enrol into one or many of our programmes which come with 100% interview guarantee. We verify your skills, prepare you for interviews, and further recommend your profile to our partner schools.

While this decision varies with the policies of different schools, most international schools across all curricula accept and appreciate the value of our courses.

Yes, when you sign up for free on Suraasa, you get access to free resources, some courses, and our free job platform.

We also have paid courses and qualifications where we personally guide you every step of the way.

Have more questions? Try going to our to Help Center resolve your queries.

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