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At Suraasa, we are building the largest community of successful and motivated teachers.

Rishabh Khanna
Cognitive Scientist and CEO, Suraasa
What is Suraasa?

World’s First Career Growth Platform for Teachers.

At Suraasa, our mission is to create a world where teacher growth is the norm, not the exception. We help teachers to:

Get mentored from our in-house experts

Gain exceptional and practical pedagogy skills

Earn internationally-accredited qualifications

Enjoy rewarding growth opportunities



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Who is a Suraasa Teacher?

A Suraasa Teacher is a class apart.

As soon as they step into the classroom, even the dullest faces light up. These teachers ensure that each student learns and progresses.

Schools love them so much that they create their job descriptions inspired by these teachers.

How it All Began.

The journey of Suraasa began with 2 burning questions:

Why do teachers not experience the same level of growth and success in their careers as other professionals? And why is there such a significant shortage of highly skilled teachers?

Our team spent 7 years in training and researching teacher education across the world. Running one of the topmost teacher training organisations in the world. We uncovered critical deficiencies in the education system that were holding back the growth and satisfaction of educators.

Inspired to make a difference at a much larger level, we founded Suraasa in 2017.
The simple idea was to deliver the highest quality of teacher education globally in a way that it is relevant for all stages in a teacher’s career. And to use technology to enable this at scale.

Over the years, Suraasa has become a trusted partner for schools and teachers alike. Hundreds of thousands of teachers have trusted Suraasa to be their companion while they succeed in teaching. Many schools globally now consider Suraasa teachers as a benchmark while they recruit teachers.

We are on a journey to impact millions of teachers. And we are just getting started.
What are we solving, and how?

Hitting the Nail on the Head.

The Problem

The teaching profession has its share of challenges:

Negligible Career Growth

“63% received no growth for 20+ years”

High Stress Levels

“72% teachers are under stress vs only 27% in other careers”

Shortage of Skilled Teachers

“Teaching ranks 19th on the list of career choices today. It fell from being 3rd on the list 15 years ago.”

Lack of Proper Mentorship

“50% of teachers quit teaching in 5 years or want to quit. 51% of teachers discourage others from joining the career.”

The Solution

If there’s someone in the world who can solve these challenges, it’s this team only. Here’s how we are doing it:


Helping every teacher to define a career roadmap and defining a pathway to achieve each milestone


Training teachers to impact all students in classrooms with exceptional pedagogy skills


Enabling skilled teachers and exceptional schools to connect with each other

Does the Solution Work?

Yes! Research has proven the direct impact of structured pedagogy training on teacher careers and student learning.



Source: OECD Survey, UNESCO Institute of Statistics



Source: World Bank, Harvard University

What’s Next?

This solution makes teaching a more attractive and financially secure career choice than ever before. Exactly our vision. Next for us is to take the impact of this solution to teachers around the globe. Remind the world that teaching is noble, but it’s also a profession. It deserves recognition and rewards as much as any other profession.

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Mr Rishabh KhannaChief Executive Officer
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Mr Ankit KhannaChief Technology Officer
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Ms Loulou HsaikyHead of Learning Operations
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Ms Divya ZutshiHead of Research & Content
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Mr Peter G. BeckwayEducation Specialist
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Mr Michael BartlettSchool Partnerships Head (UAE)
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Ms Zeina Al DeebEducation Specialist
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Mr Sudhin BiswasHead of Client Support
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Mr Angel GabrielHead of Admissions (UAE)
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Mr Lakshit MehraData Scientist
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Mr Atishay JainMarketing Lead
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Mr Shreyans JainTechnology Lead
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Mr Lakshay KapoorSDM (Backend)
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Mr Anmol JainDesign Lead

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