1. What is PgCTL*?

Professional Graduate Certificate in Teaching & Learning is an internationally-accredited program to develop critical pedagogical & classroom management skills to assistant teachers, teachers, and teacher coordinators.

The practical skills have been derived by studying day-to-day struggles of close to 75,000 teachers in 1,500+ schools in 100+ cities, whom we had a privilege to train in different capacities.

The program, although designed for India, found very high relevance worldwide, and hence it is recognized at Level 6 (Bachelor Level) by UK OFQUAL (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation).

2. What is Suraasa?

Suraasa is the brainchild of leading cognitive scientists, data scientists, and educationists who have worked with 1500+ schools and trained close to 75,000+ teachers in their 10 years of experience in the Education industry helping teachers achieve their dreams.

At Suraasa, we are pioneering the use of technology in education to create better teaching and successful teachers. Teachers can learn, maintain e-portfolio, build a video profile, and access a discussion forum – all on Suraasa’s learner-friendly online learning platforms, along with attending live classes.

Suraasa assists teachers at every step of the Teacher Lifecycle, from getting internationally recognised qualifications to getting placed at the best teaching positions across the world.

3. Is Suraasa a legitimate academic institution? Why should I trust you?

Suraasa offers programs provided by its partners who are approved by UK and UAE government.

Suraasa’s parent body, Les Transformations Learning Pvt. Ltd (LT), started in 2010 in India with a mission to help transform learning outcomes in Indian classrooms. LT partnered with several government educational bodies, leading global education organizations, and 1,500 schools in 21 states in India, and went onto train over 60,000 Indian teachers offline with its own continuous teacher training programs backed by thorough research by educationists, cognitive scientists, and data scientists.

Suraasa is LT’s EdTech or Online Avataar with the best of our learnings gathered over years packaged in our PgCTL* and other qualifications and certifications. Suraasa has proudly trained a few thousand teachers online within and outside India from 20+ nationalities. These teachers promote Suraasa unanimously across the schools, as they have been receiving international job offers, fast promotions, salary hikes, and a lot of respect from schools, children and parents, even during the pandemic.

Schools who employ our candidates also speak highly of us, since ths school rankings have improved after our PgCTL* graduates brought back the lessons to the classrooms.

Looking at all of above, the most rigorous education accreditation government bodies of the world, i.e. KHDA in UAE and OFQUAL in the UK, have approved our partners.

Our graduates rate us very highly on the Net Promoter Score ® scale, which brightens up the day every time we have a new graduate sends us their words of appreciation.

4. Is PgCTL* accepted by schools?

For Dubai Teachers: Yes, it is accepted by KHDA-affiliated schools across Dubai since it is accepted by KHDA.
For India Teachers: Yes, it is accepted by private sector schools with Indian and International curricula such as CBSE, IB, IGCSE, ICSE, etc.

5. How is PgCTL* different from a B.Ed?

Educators who already have subject matter qualifications & expertise within their academic discipline, but do not hold a formal teaching qualification, need either a PgCTL* or B.Ed. to be a qualified teacher.

PgCTL* provides you with the knowledge, skills and competencies to teach the 21st century learners with the latest technology and practical strategies.

PgCTL* is a professional degree with a heavy focus on practical learning, while B.Ed. is an academic degree with high-focus on theory.

Particularly in India, B.Ed. is awaiting a new curriculum by 2022, while PgCTL* is already approved as a futuristic degree by international government bodies. So investing in B.Ed, will require you to upskill yourself again after 2 years.

PgCTL* is delivered by our instructors on our learning apps in live and recorded classes which you can watch on-the-go, while B.Ed will require you to study from heavy books with decades-old theories.

A critical difference for you to consider is the time saved, PgCTL* is a fast 10-month study program, while a B.Ed. will take you 2-years to complete. PgCTL* fits into a teacher’s commitments & busy schedule. It has lessons you can apply in your classrooms the same day you learn them on the app.

Most importantly, a B.Ed. will be recognized only in one geography, while PgCTL* is recognized internationally, giving you the wings and license to work anywhere you want.

The benefits don’t stop here - with PgCTL*, you will be connected with your classmates with whom you’ll study together online and stay motivated. In addition, you will be part of the community of PgCTL* alumni online, who will also mentor you and respond to your queries in online discussions from their experiences worldwide.

Still looking for a reason? Talk to our counsellor to guide you through.

6. I have already done B.Ed. Do I need to enrol in PgCTL*?

Bachelors of Education has been around for decades, is a common pathway to get into teaching and is readily accepted in the region from where you pursue it. However, its curriculum was designed decades ago. Since then, children’s learning styles have evolved with the advent of technology. In the year 2022, Indian Government’s National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) will revise the framework and curricula of B.Ed. to better suit today’s childrens’ learning needs, inline to international standards.

PgCTL* already is ahead of the curve, and is a one-of-a-kind qualification that equips you with the most crucial skills to manage a classroom full of Gen Y and Gen Z. You need to stay relevant to your students and that is why you need PgCTL*.

We have a lot of learners who already hold B.Ed. in the past. The reasons why they joined Suraasa are many:

  • They want to upgrade their skills to stay relevant to 21st century children
  • They want practical skills to remove stress in their daily job as a teacher, and start enjoying the job they love
  • They are motivated to achieve growth and fast promotions in their teaching careers
  • They desire a degree that is recognized worldwide

7. Who is the PgCTL* program for?

The PgCTL* program has been designed to inculcate the necessary pedagogy skills in existing and new assistant teachers, subject teachers, teacher coordinators and head of departments. Our counselors can help you find the right program for you.

8. Am I eligible to enrol for PgCTL*? What all qualifications do I need beforehand?

PgCTL* is for aspiring or existing teachers like you who wish to create high-impact learning environments.

A candidate needs to meet all of the following conditions to be eligible for PgCTL*:

  • Currently employed in an appropriate teaching role
    Looking for a teaching job right now
  • Holds at least an Undergraduate Degree (Bachelors in some subject) or equivalent from a regionally accepted institution. Masters or PhDs in your subjects are optional and are more than welcome.
  • Has English proficiency at a level of B2 on the Common European Framework of Reference or equivalent (e.g. IELTS level 6)

In addition, we qualify a candidate who demonstrates strong desire to:

  • Grow professionally in teaching career
  • Succeed as a school leader
  • Deliver a positive change in children’s learning
  • Commit to make regular effort towards their development
Not sure if you meet these requirements? Talk to our counsellor to find that out.

9. How long will it take to finish PgCTL*?

The duration of the program is 10 months. You need to commit 8 hours every week to reap maximum benefits from PgCTL*.

  • 4 hours of live classes every week (at a fixed time you choose upfront)
  • 2 hours on online assessments and assignments (at a time of learner’s choice)
  • 2 hours on self-study on Suraasa’s online platform (at a time of learner’s choice)

10. Will I be able to work/teach alongside PgCTL*?

Yes, PgCTL’s study modules are designed to go hand-in-hand with the busy schedule of working teacher professionals since it has a very practical curriculum.
In case you are not teaching right now, you will get apprenticeship and placement opportunities in the 4 month of starting the program.

11. What subjects will I be able to teach after completing PgCTL*?

PgCTL* is a teaching qualification that equips you with skills on “how to teach” any subject to 21st-Century schoolchildren.

What you teach (i.e., subject) depends upon your interests, background, and/or subject qualification(s), e.g, Bachelors, Masters, Post-doctorate, or Certifications in Maths, Science, Physics, Literature, Economics, Arts, Music, early learning, etc.

Once you enroll in PgCTL*, we can also help you obtain additional recognition at international level, in select subjects. Talk to our counsellors today to find out more.

12. Will Suraasa help me find a job?

Yes, one of the key benefits of enrolling with Suraasa is that we guide you in every step of your career, from qualification to placement assistance. Every Suraasa alum has access to our placement assistance services for a lifetime. From cracking the first interview to advancing in current roles, we will help them every step of the way.

13. Where is the institute located? Can you share the address so that I can confirm by visiting?

Our institution is currently located in Bengaluru (India) and Dubai (UAE). Learners are welcome to visit the centre after scheduling a meeting with us, as we take COVID precautions very seriously.

The addresses are as follows:

Bengaluru: ISBC Campus, 29/3 Siddhareddy Layout Near Total Mall Doddanekkundi Cross Bengaluru, Karnataka

Dubai: Office #23, Phoenix 49th floor, Ubora Business Tower Dubai, United Arab Emirates

14. Do I have to come to your institute physically to attend the classes?

You get to choose between a centre-based program and a 100% online program. We currently have 2 centres: Bengaluru and Dubai. Offline classes have been shifted to virtual mode as part of the COVID-19 safety protocols by Suraasa.

15. Can I work in a Government School after completing PgCTL*?

Though PgCTL* is not necessary for a Government job, someone who wants to differentiate himself or herself from the others will heavily gain from PgCTL*. It will further empower you to get faster promotions and get recognised as the most progressive educator anywhere you go.

16. Who will teach me, and how?

Suraasa’s specialized pedagogical experts from the USA, UK, etc. who have decades of teaching experience in international schools host your weekly live classes.
You choose classroom hours per your convenience, and attend via our top-rated mobile applications & web portal.
A mix of live classes, online self-paced pre-recorded videos, and reading materials is used to deliver the program content.

17. What will be the return on investment after completing the course?

That depends on a lot of factors such as: current income, previous teaching experience, skills etc. but the starting salaries of qualified teachers in top schools generally ranges from INR 6,00,000/year to INR 25,00,000/year for India and AED 60,000 to AED 240,000 in Dubai. If your investment in any course is less than the target annual salary - current salary over 1 to 3 years, then it’s a very good investment.

18. Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, we offer scholarships based on academic excellence and past work experience, if any. Eligibility for the scholarships will be confirmed after filling up the application form. We are here to support the most deserving teachers in every way possible to get them into the program and succeed.

19. If I am not satisfied with your services midway through, is there any way I can get in touch with you?

Yes, we have a dedicated team who works on your feedback and resolves your concerns and queries on a priority basis. You are more than welcome to share your experience and your challenges while you are learning by writing mail to a dedicated email address meant for these purposes only. We take regular feedback from your side to ensure that the continuous feedback cycle keeps going on.

20. How long does the application process take?

The application process isn’t very long. The learner fills up the application form, our academic team reviews it, and an acceptance email is sent as soon as the team approves it. After receiving the acceptance email, you have to submit a minimal registration fee to reserve your seat into the course. Thereafter, you can pay your fees through convenient financing options or full fees.


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