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About Suraasa

Did you ever have a favourite teacher who was so understanding and engaging that you never wanted to miss their classes?

Our team at Suraasa is upskilling teachers to help them succeed in their careers, and become their students’ favourite.

What are we solving?

  • Teaching has lost its charm as a profession
  • Teacher skill sets have become obsolete due to students evolving faster than teachers
  • Teachers face stagnant growth in their careers

How are we solving?

  • Make teaching attractive by building the network of top 1% teachers
  • Upskill teachers with training courses
  • Mentor teachers on career progression and help them access jobs at top schools

What do we look for in people?



The intent to do good and be good.



The ability to keep going despite anything.



The desire to own your outcomes.



The respect for your team’s effort and goals.
If you follow GROW at Suraasa, growth follows you.

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