December 10, 2021

4 Best Ways that can Help Teachers Accelerate their Career Growth

4 Best Ways that can Help Teachers Accelerate their Career Growth

The feeling of being stuck at a workplace can hinder professional development. Every job requires growth and changes, else the work can turn monotonous. The only way to beat this is by advancing and moving up the career ladder. Similarly, teaching the same thing to the same age group over the years can become tedious. To avoid this feeling of work, upskilling and moving up the career ladder becomes important. Untapped potential can lead to burnout.

The only way out of the situation is by having a proper career plan and goals. By having a set mind on various levels the teachers want to reach in their career, can help in finding the path towards them. A career plan helps in achieving job satisfaction that is necessary to be happy at work. Therefore, to grow in a career, teachers must invest in themselves by gaining knowledge. The best way to do so is by enrolling for courses from websites like Suraasa that can aid in their development.

professional development of teachers

Ways for Teachers to Progress in their Career

1. Give Importance to Skills

The only way to reach new heights professionally is by acquiring new skills and expertise. As an educator, the primary focus should be on expanding experience and continuously learning. To rise high in your career, the gap between the job requirement and skills needs to be filled. The best way to do so is by taking professional courses in the line of teaching such as PgCTL to increase the chances of employability and improve teaching and learning methods. This will open a door towards new opportunities in teaching roles.

teaching and learning skills

2. Build a Network

Networking is a very useful way for teachers to grow in their professional life. Social networking is a tool that allows teachers from all backgrounds and experiences to mix. It can help them rise in their career and while networking with people, they get a chance to showcase their calibre and performance. As educators communicate and get to know each other, it helps in building relationships that can help them get opportunities at various educational institutions.

Professional Networking in Teaching

3. Focus on Career Planning

Career planning is an essential part of professional growth. Teachers must work on creating a career development plan that acts as a guide for them. By having a roadmap, it becomes easier for educators to know what steps they need to take to reach their end goal. Once the goal is clear, break them down into small fragments and a short term aim. This will help in focusing on attributes that are required to achieve these set goals. Career planning is a continuous process that goes along with the job, to help teachers reach their desired designation.

Career Development of Teachers

4. Find a Mentor

In any line of profession, having a mentor is the key to success. In the teaching profession too, a mentor plays a major role. There are times and situations when the teaching profession gets hard. It can be exhausting to be stuck in the same school or at the same place for years, this is when guidance from a mentor can be of great value. But, it can be difficult to find help and that is why Suraasa has come up with its platform that provides free mentorship to educators. Teachers can book a free counseling session to clear their doubts and plan their career better.

Mentorship to educators


By gaining training in teaching, educators can upgrade their knowledge levels and attributes. This is helpful in improving their skills and opening the gateway for opportunities to rise in their career. For teachers to reach greater heights in their professional life, they must plan accordingly. Taking up certifications and courses like Boosting Employability by Suraasa can aid growth in their career.

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