December 19, 2021

Best Ways to Prepare a Resume that Stands Out

Best Ways to Prepare a Resume that Stands Out

The way hiring works today has changed immensely. From building connections to job ads, there are newer ways in the market to get a job. Not just corporate offices but even education institutions have progressed in their hiring methods. No matter the change, a well-tailored resume is always needed. It can make a great first impression and increase your chances of an interview call.

However, writing a resume can be not as easy as you think! With so much extra information and advice on the internet, it can be hard to know what to incorporate and what to leave out in your resume. Also, with appropriate certification and experience to include, it can be a bit tricky. This is why we have come up with top CV tips and resume formats for teachers. We understand the importance of creating a perfect resume for a great first impression. So, here is a guide to help you make a powerful resume to stand out from others and step forward towards getting your dream job with confidence.

How to prepare a resume that stands out

5 Advanced Tips to Make Your Resume

1. Don’t Make it Generic

The first resume that gets rejected is a generic one. So, avoid making this mistake while creating your resume. Read the job description of your desired job properly and match your talent and attributes with what the employer wants. Mention your experience in the industry chronologically. Also, make sure to mention your qualifications and certifications. They can help in improving your chances of getting hired. Your resume should look the most appropriate one for your desired job position.

Don’t make your resume generic

2. Be Creative to Make it Stand Out

Employers want candidates who can think out of the box and stand out from others. It means that a plain formal resume may not be the best way to get a teaching job. What recruiters look for is a candidate who can catch their attention and is the perfect match for the job. Highlight and showcase your skill set in a creative way that your resume captures the eye of the employer. Your resume is your marketing tool, hence, showcase your skills and attributes that are in demand in the teaching profession.

Make your resume stand out by being creative

3. Tailor Your Resume According to the Job

While applying for teaching jobs, do not ever make the mistake of using a standard CV for every job. It will lower your chances of getting hired. It is because educational institutions want teachers that are suitable for their schools for the particular teaching position. They only need the resume to know about you. So make sure to research the programs, values, and technology they use. Using this relevant information while creating your resume can help you showcase your skills, knowledge and experience in a way that the school expects from its educators.

Make a resume that matches appropriately with the job description

4. Avoid Mistakes

The biggest turn down about your resume is mistakes. You may be the most qualified teacher fitting the job description perfectly well, but even a few mistakes on your resume can give a wrong impression of you. In fact, your resume is a chance to make your good first impression in front of the recruiter. Be cautious while writing the details in your resume and double-check just to ensure that there are no mistakes.

Avoid mistakes in your resume


Now that you know how to make your resume stand out, start creating a resume that showcases you and your skills the best. If you think you lack the best teaching skills and need to upskill yourself so that you can grab maximum teaching job opportunities for you, consider opting for teaching courses from Suraasa, an exclusive e-learning platform catered towards teachers’ professional development. You can also talk to a Suraasa mentor who can help and guide you through your teaching career.

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