December 17, 2021
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A Guide to Help you Identify your Dream Teaching Job

A Guide to Help you Identify your Dream Teaching Job
Written By
Pooja Pant

Pooja Pant

Pooja, currently a Content Creator at Suraasa, is a former English teacher. On a personal note, she likes it when people follow her on Instagram.😀

Whether you are an aspiring teacher looking for your first job or an experienced teacher looking for professional growth in the education industry, the aim is to grab your dream teaching job, right? But what exactly is your dream teaching job? How can you identify and work for it? 

Professional goals of each individual vary. Your aim, passion and skill set would be different from others in the teaching profession. Some would aspire to teach at an international school while some, to reach a higher designation, such as a school principal or the head of a department. However, it isn’t easy to land on the perfect role but, with time and effort, it is possible. By investing in upskilling yourself to be better than others, you can come closer to reaching your professional goal.

However, the process of finding your dream teaching job in today’s time is not easy! So, to help you find your ideal teaching job opportunities, we have come up with the framework to aid your search. Continue reading to explore the same.

How to find your dream teaching job?

How to Identify your Dream Teaching Job?

The first and foremost step for identifying your ideal teaching job profile is to have an answer for the following two questions.

1. What do you Expect From Your Teaching Job?

To attain job satisfaction, one should know what type of work and work environment makes you happy. It is about finding the kind of job that motivates you every day to get up in the morning and work. Furthermore, the job should be at a place where you find yourself growing with the institution and fitting in with its values. The best way to know all this is to research and understand the demands in the teaching profession.

What do you expect from your dream teaching job?

2. What is Non-Negotiable in Your Teaching Job?

An important question to ask yourself is about the things that matter the most at the workplace. For every person, there would be something that is necessary for their career life. It could be growth opportunities at the educational institution, good salary and benefits or the work culture. Hence, it is imperative to identify the non-negotiable and then look for job options that match the requirement.

What is non-negotiable in your teaching job?

Once you know where you want to work and what your job profile looks like, you now need to focus on how you can make it possible. To help you with the same, here are the best ways to reach your desired teaching job.

Things to Consider for Your Dream Job

1. Personal Branding

The first thing a top tier educational institution does is assess your profile. They look at your experience, knowledge and skills appropriate for the teaching profession. To showcase the same along with your passion and learning,  build your  personal brand. Platforms like Suraasa offer teaching professionals a chance to share their journey and accomplishments with the world.

Build your personal brand

2. Build a Killer Resume

The power of a good resume and portfolio should never be undermined. Document all your accomplishments and letters of recommendation for future employers. Additionally, make your resume stand out and come to life by getting creative, such as mentioning the impact of your teaching on your students or your growth plans and professional advancements. This will help in highlighting your best qualities and attributes.

Build a resume to stand out

3. Networking

The best way of getting a teaching job today is through networking. It offers a chance for teachers to connect with other teachers as well as make a good impression on potential employers. In addition, this can help in opening up doors of opportunities to top tier and international schools. Furthermore, while looking for teachers, educational institutions consider referrals. Schools give preference to candidates who have been referred by their existing staff members and this increases the chances of getting the job. 

Networking helps in finding a good job


Identify your dream teaching job, but remember, to find better job opportunities, upskilling yourself is very important. Opt for online teacher training courses to keep up with the changing trends in education. It is highly recommended for educators to continuously work on their skills to aid their professional development and growth. Suraasa offers a range of courses that are aimed to help teachers find their dream job and upgrade their skills.

Written By
Pooja Pant

Pooja Pant

Pooja, currently a Content Creator at Suraasa, is a former English teacher. On a personal note, she likes it when people follow her on Instagram.😀

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