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May 23, 2024
15 mins read

Why Teachers Should Invest in English Speaking Courses

Why Teachers Should Invest in English Speaking Courses
Written By
Simran Agarwal

Simran Agarwal

Simran is a writer here at Suraasa and has formerly worked as a Teacher. She is passionate about learning and making a difference through her words.

Hey teachers, picture this: you're in the middle of explaining a concept in history, like the fall of the Roman Empire. You've got your teaching aids, reference material and you’re determined to make it a successful lesson. 

But suddenly, as soon as you try to explain a key detail, your brain goes blank. Where'd all the words go?  In a blink, all those excited students start staring back at you like a judgment panel, and a wave of self-doubt washes over you.

Or imagine this: it's a parent-teacher meeting. You want to give honest feedback to a student's mom about their amazing project. You can see the pride in her eyes, and you want to do more than just say "good job."

But an uncomfortable pressure builds up as you search for the right words to describe their creativity and potential. "It’s fantastic!" you blurt out, feeling like you could have said so much more.

teacher in a meeting struggling with Spoken English

Staff meetings can be another battleground. You've got innovative ideas to share, but when it's your turn to speak, your confidence takes a nosedive. Every word feels clunky, and you worry your colleagues are judging your English skills.  

These moments can be frustrating, right? 

As teachers, limited English fluency can feel like a roadblock. Clear and confident communication is the means to build connections with our students, deliver impactful lessons, and definitely the way for success in our careers. 

So, here's the good news: you're not alone feeling like this!  

Want to hear even better news? Mastering spoken English is absolutely within your reach. 

In this blog, we'll be diving into the amazing benefits strong spoken English skills offers teachers. We'll also explore an amazing Online English Speaking Course that can help you master pronunciation, grammar, and speech to speak English fluently like an International Teacher. 

So, let’s get started!

Challenges Faced by Teachers with Limited Spoken English Skills

Okay, teachers, let's get real. Those moments of brain freeze and fumbled words? We've all been there. But beyond the frustration, limited English fluency can actually create some roadblocks in our teaching careers. Here's how:

1. Lack of Classroom Confidence

teacher without confidence looking for best english speaking course online

Imagine trying to explain a complex concept, but struggling to find the right vocabulary. It can make you feel unsure of yourself, and that lack of confidence can trickle down to your students.  

A smooth, clear explanation can spark curiosity and excitement for learning, but hesitation can leave them confused or disengaged.  Furthermore, struggling to explain concepts effectively can lead to frustration for both you and your students, hindering the overall learning experience.

2. Limited Student-Teacher Relationship

Strong communication is the bridge you build with your students. When English feels like a barrier, it can be harder to connect on a deeper level. 

You might struggle to provide constructive feedback, offer personalized encouragement, or understand their unique needs and learning styles. This can create a disconnect in the classroom and hinder your ability to truly guide and inspire your students.

3. Stagnated Professional Growth

teacher sitting away from meeting due to lack of english speaking skills

Staff meetings, conferences, and networking events are all fantastic opportunities to share ideas and collaborate with colleagues. But if you're worried about your English fluency, you might hold back from participating in these valuable exchanges. 

4. Barrier to Networking

Networking at educational events can feel daunting enough already. Add limited English fluency to the mix, and it can feel like an impossible social hurdle. 

When you feel under confident in your spoken English, you cannot join these conversations and are unable to expand your professional network, ultimately leading to lost career opportunities.

5. Difficulty Building Trust with Parents

teacher struggling to communicate with parents of students 

Effective communication is crucial for building strong relationships with parents. When you struggle to communicate fluently in English, it can be challenging to share detailed progress reports, discuss student behavior, or address concerns effectively. 

This can lead to misunderstandings, frustration, and a lack of trust between you and the parents, ultimately hindering their involvement in their child's education.

6. Limited Understanding of Educational Technology

Technology plays an increasingly important role in modern classrooms.  However, many educational resources and software programs are primarily available in English.  

Limited English fluency can make it difficult to understand instructions, utilize these tools effectively, or stay up-to-date on the latest educational technology trends.

7. Missed Leadership Opportunities

Strong communication skills are essential for leadership roles in education.  Whether it's leading a team of teachers, mentoring new educators, or presenting innovative ideas to school boards, clear and confident English is crucial.  

Limited fluency can hold you back from pursuing these leadership opportunities and limit your career growth potential.

8. Challenges Teaching at  International Schools

job application getting rejected due to lack of best english speaking course online certification

As teachers, it is a dream to teach at an international school, offering a chance to experience new cultures and educational approaches.  However, English fluency is often a key requirement for these positions.  Limited English skills can restrict your eligibility for these opportunities and limit your career options.

Pursue an English Speaking Course & Say Goodbye to Your Challenges

We've painted a pretty clear picture of the challenges limited English fluency can pose for teachers.  But here's the good news: these roadblocks aren't permanent!  By investing in a spoken English course designed specifically for teachers, you can permanently say goodbye to the above discussed challenges.

Here's why taking an English speaking course can be a game-changer for teachers:

benefits of best english speaking course online

1. Build Fluency in Essential Classroom Vocabulary

Imagine having every educational term and concept at your fingertips! These courses focus on building your vocabulary as an Educator. No more scrambling for the right words – you'll be able to explain complex topics with clarity and confidence.

2. Master Pronunciation 

Those tricky sounds that trip you up in English? Speaking courses designed for teachers offer targeted pronunciation training. You'll learn the finer points of English phonetics, ensuring your students understand you perfectly.

3. Learn the Art of Communication

Communication goes beyond vocabulary and pronunciation. These courses delve into the nuances of clear and engaging communication. You'll learn techniques for structuring explanations, fostering discussions, and captivating your students with your teaching voice.

4. Boost Classroom Confidence

speaking english course boost confidence of teachers

Imagine walking into class feeling ready to tackle any topic. Speaking courses will equip you with the tools and confidence to deliver dynamic lessons and connect with your students on a deeper level. This newfound confidence will translate into a more engaging and enriching learning environment for everyone.

5. Achieve Professional Growth

When you feel confident speaking English, you open doors to exciting professional opportunities.  Participation in staff meetings, conferences, and networking events becomes a breeze.  

Courses designed for educators often provide practical strategies for navigating these situations. You'll learn how to confidently express your ideas, actively participate in discussions, and collaborate effectively with colleagues. This newfound communication prowess can position you for leadership roles within your school.

6. Expand Career Options

teach internationally with best english speaking course online

International schools often require strong English fluency. Mastering spoken English with a course designed for educators goes beyond fluency. Many courses offer certification of completion that showcases your dedication to improving your communication skills. 

This certificate can be a valuable addition to your resume when applying for international teaching roles. These programs often understand the specific needs of educators in international settings, making you a more competitive candidate.These are just a few of the ways an English speaking course can empower you as a teacher.  Maybe your mind is now racing with questions:

  • Is there an English speaking course that caters to the unique needs of teachers?
  • What's the best English speaking course out there for me?
  • Can I even fit an online English speaking course into my busy teaching schedule?

Well, there's only one answer to all these questions: Speak English Like an International Educator, an English speaking course designed by Suraasa. In the next section, we'll delve into why it's the perfect online English speaking course for teachers like you!

Speak English Like an International Educator: Best Online English Speaking Course for Teachers

We've talked about the many benefits of taking an English speaking course designed specifically for educators. But you might still have some practical concerns: Where will I find the time? Can I fit this in with my busy schedule?

Here's why "Speak English Like an International Educator" is the perfect solution for teachers:

1. Learning from Anywhere

This online English speaking course allows you to  study from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere with an internet connection. No more scrambling to attend in-person classes – you can fit your learning around your busy schedule.

2. Manage Learning with Your Busy Schedule Easily

reviews of english speaking course by Suraasa

We understand that teachers are stretched thin. This course is designed to be self-paced, requiring only one hour per day for eight weeks.  

You can break down those hours into smaller chunks to fit your schedule – a little in the morning before school, or an evening session after the day's work is done.

3. Refine Your Pronunciation

Let's face it, sometimes those tricky English sounds can leave you feeling a little tongue-tied.  But fear not!  This course is packed with targeted exercises and practice sessions designed to refine your pronunciation like magic. 

No more mumbling or second-guessing yourself!  This course will ensure your students understand you perfectly.  

4. Measure Before and After Progress 

This course is all about celebrating your progress.  With before-and-after assessments, you'll be able to track your improvement in spoken English every step of the way.  

It's not just about trust – it's about seeing the tangible results of your hard work.  Witnessing your own progress is a powerful motivator, and this course helps you do just that.

5. Experience AI-Powered Learning

AI-led practical exercises from speaking english course

This course embraces the power of cutting-edge AI technology to take your learning to the next level.  Imagine getting real-time feedback from interactive AI exercises.  

These exercises will focus on improving your fluency, speech, syllable stress, and word emphasis – all the things that make you sound like a natural speaker.  It's like having a personal language coach in your pocket!

6. Build Essential Teaching Vocabulary

You'll build a strong foundation in pedagogical vocabulary, learning all the essential terms and communication practices needed to excel as an English language instructor.  

No more scrambling to find the right words!  Speak with absolute clarity, using the vocabulary that will empower you to shine through in your classroom!

7. Gain Recognition for Your Hard Work

certificate for speaking english course

Upon successful completion, you'll receive a valuable certificate. This certificate isn't just something to frame and hang on the wall (although that's totally an option!). 

It's a useful addition to your resume, showcasing your commitment to professional development and your impressive leap in English language skills.

8. Learn from Experienced Faculty

The course is led by Ms. Divya Zutshi, who brings over 20 years of experience in learning and development. Additionally, she has a proven track record of successfully training over 5,000 teachers in English language skills. 

Consider Ms. Zutshi your personal mentor, guiding you on your journey to mastering spoken English.

So you see, taking this course is an investment towards professional development & expanding your career horizons. It's a chance to refine your skills, master spoken English, and ultimately, become an international educator.

So are you ready to take the next step?

Are you eager to discuss with a mentor and enroll yourself  for the course-"Speak English Like an International Educator". 

Click here to schedule a free session and get started today!

Wrapping Up

So, we discussed how limited English fluency can hinder your teaching experience. But we've also seen that you can overcome these challenges with the right tools. 

teacher searching for english speaking course near me

By taking an English speaking course designed specifically for educators, you can easily build fluency in essential classroom vocabulary.  This means no more scrambling for words  and explaining concepts with clarity and confidence. 

So, take that chance & enroll into an English speaking course today! "Speak English Like an International Educator" by Suraasa is the perfect online course. It's designed with busy teachers in mind, offering a flexible learning schedule and targeted exercises to fit your needs.

Together, let's empower you to become the confident, inspiring educator you were always meant to be!


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Written By
Simran Agarwal

Simran Agarwal

Simran is a writer here at Suraasa and has formerly worked as a Teacher. She is passionate about learning and making a difference through her words.

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