December 11, 2021

Global Opportunities for Teachers

Global Opportunities for Teachers

Educators at any level play a key role in the lives of students. They have the power to make a positive difference and inspire the youth to be responsible citizens of the country. For many, joining this field can be a very rewarding experience. The chance to impart knowledge and help students gives immense satisfaction to the teachers. 

Furthermore, with the growing demand in teaching across the world, a lot of teaching professionals are opting for jobs abroad. So, this is the ideal time to get training in the teaching field and upskilling oneself to match the global requirements. It may look hard in the beginning, but with the right courses and guidance, one can easily specialise and learn in-demand skills of teaching. Moreover, the PgCTL course offered by Suraasa is one of the best courses at training teachers with today’s top attributes. If you want to build a career in this domain and work abroad, following are the in-demand types of educators and top countries hiring right now.

Global job opportunities for teachers

Types of Educators Who are in Demand

  • ESL Teacher - English as a second language (ESL) teacher is someone who works on educating students in English speaking and writing skills. In Asian countries as well as Europe, these trained teachers are very much in demand. As we move towards a global world where people come from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds, these educators are helpful in improving their level of proficiency in the English language. 
  • STEM Teacher - There is a rising demand for educators specialising in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics across the world. It has become a top priority for students to be equipped with the necessary skills in these subjects from a young age. 
  • Special Education Teaching - Children with special needs require teachers who are trained especially at teaching them. These educators are licensed with a degree in Special Education or an advanced degree to educate students who have any mental or physical illness. With new-age schools made especially for these kids, there are numerous vacancies in this field.

Top 3 Countries that are Ideal for Teaching

Top countries for teaching jobs

1. The UAE

The country with the highest requirement for ESL teachers is the UAE. Its growing popularity is because of the availability of high paying jobs. However, one must pass a TEFL certification along with a proper teaching qualification in order to find a good teaching job.

2. Japan

Asian countries are a top choice for teachers because of competitive salaries and benefits such as housing and health insurance. Amongst all, Japan is the best country for professional growth opportunities and an amazing career.

3. The United Kingdom

Professional development opportunities, lucrative jobs and a good working environment make the UK the most preferred country for teachers wanting to go abroad. To become a teacher in the UK, one has to be a graduate and must be certified from an initial teacher training course. Aspiring teachers can opt for a course like PgCTL, which is a UK Level 6 teaching qualification.


There is a growing demand for teaching jobs in international schools. According to NPST, there are going to be more than approximately 1.1 crore teaching job opportunities across the world by the end of 2030. The future of the education field is innovating and needs teachers who have the right skills and attributes needed in the classrooms. Suraasa is an online platform that is working on upskilling teachers by providing courses with certificates. Furthermore, for educators who need guidance and help in achieving their career milestones or moving abroad, Suraasa has a mentorship program where one can book a free counselling session.

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