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December 4, 2021
5 min read

How to Apply for Teaching Jobs Abroad?

How to Apply for Teaching Jobs Abroad?
Written By
Pooja Pant

Pooja Pant

Pooja, currently a Content Creator at Suraasa, is a former English teacher. On a personal note, she likes it when people follow her on Instagram.😀

As the education sector expands, the demand for teaching jobs globally increases. Are you someone who is looking for a job abroad? If yes, there are certain factors to keep in mind before deciding to shift overseas. The very first thing to consider is your teaching experience and education level. Educational institutions require a university degree in the same subject line you are applying for. Furthermore, to shortlist job profiles, ask yourself what kind of experience you are looking for? Or do you require any extra professional degree or course to move abroad? By answering these questions, you will get an idea about how you can plan to get a job abroad seamlessly. 

Teaching jobs abroad

Teaching abroad is a wonderful opportunity for those who are looking to move overseas. The demand for teachers is increasing in many countries like China, Spain, Thailand and UAE. From school teachers to professors, a lot of educational institutions are on the lookout for experienced educators from across the world. There are numerous teaching options available to work in a foreign country. Let’s understand the steps that one needs to follow while applying for a teaching job abroad.

Steps to Follow While Applying for a Teaching Job Abroad

1. Selecting the Country

The first and foremost step should be selecting the country you want to apply to. The demand for jobs in the education sector is primarily due to two reasons. One, increasing retirement of the previous generation of teachers and second, higher standards of teaching. Before moving abroad, it is advisable to complete skill improvement courses like PgCTL that are accepted globally from renowned websites like Suraasa. This is favourable for Indian teachers looking to apply in South Asian countries, Australia and America as they are in need of specialised subjects like Mathematics, Science and English.

Select country

2. Finding the Right Program

The first step to finding a teaching job abroad is to look for the perfect program that meets all expectations. Depending upon the preference and interest, the program must be selected. Teach abroad programs are a great way to accelerate your career. These would eventually help you in finding a job overseas. The next step now is to select the educational institution you want to work at. There are two types of teaching jobs abroad, government, and private language schools. Both have their own set of advantages, however, private schools are the favourite choice because of the availability of various options from kindergarten to high school and even colleges and universities.

Find the right program

3. Documentation

Once the program has been identified, the next step is to look for the necessary documentation required for immigration. These include program acceptance, sponsor details, visa application and eligibility certificate. Further, teaching licenses and transcripts are also needed in further rounds and by the schools. Keep in mind to check for the requirements depending on the program and institution picked.

Keep documents ready

4. Prepare Your Resume

Preparing a resume is one of the most crucial steps in getting a teaching job abroad. Before submitting applications and applying for job roles, a proper resume needs to be made. Make sure you highlight and add the skills set required for the particular teaching position.. This document is one of the important pieces of information recruiters go through to shortlist candidates. And, it has to be sent on time. Before moving on to the interview, the resume needs to be cleared. Spend some time on drafting it professionally in formal language. Remember to keep it short by using bullet points to highlight key areas and skills.

Prepare your resume

5. Research the Institution

Once the above steps are completed, focus on your top preferred institutions to apply. Make a list of all the schools and institutions you can apply to. Now, focus only on applying to the shortlisted schools, this would help eliminate options and you can apply to schools you want to work at. Many job portals and online websites are available for comparing and researching various institutions. Keep in mind a few things such as job growth, school culture, and requirements for applying. The important questions to ask yourself  while applying are -

  • What is the school's teaching style? 
  • What’s the atmosphere or environment like at the institution? 
  • What’s the school’s mission and vision?
Online webinars

6. Start Applying

The final step of applying for a teaching job abroad is the application submission. Reaching this step means completing all the necessary tasks. The schools and institutions have been identified and the resume is ready for submission. Now, look at the application form and process of the school applying to. Don't forget to submit the necessary documents with the application.

Final Note

Follow the aforementioned steps for getting placed as a teacher in a renowned educational institution across the world. However, along with these steps, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary skills to crack the interview. Sometimes, even after having ample knowledge and ability, teachers find it difficult to get the desired teaching job abroad. To help them out, India's leading teachers’ skill up-gradation platform, Suraasa offers courses such as Boosting Employability. With the help of this type of course, teachers can learn about the interview processes, learning taxonomies, ways to create impressive professional profiles, and much more that can help them find teaching jobs abroad.

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Written By
Pooja Pant

Pooja Pant

Pooja, currently a Content Creator at Suraasa, is a former English teacher. On a personal note, she likes it when people follow her on Instagram.😀

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