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February 2, 2022
9 min read

How To Create Your Suraasa Profile: A Beginner's Guide

How To Create Your Suraasa Profile: A Beginner's Guide

What is Suraasa Job Portal?

Suraasa Job Portal is a place where teachers can find their dream jobs in their dream schools in a few simple steps. It is a modern day placement platform created only for teachers by understanding the modern day process and struggles of job-seeking.

  • Get opportunities in Top 1% Schools
  • Showcase the best in YOU
  • Track all your applications

Top schools are ready to hire. Are you ready to get hired?

What is a ‘Suraasa Profile’?

Your profile on Suraasa Jobs is basically your digital resume. It helps schools learn about your aspirations, academics, achievements, experience, and skill expertise. As you might have already guessed, your profile creates your first impression on schools and it is truly essential to build a profile that showcases your best abilities.

How to Start Creating Your ‘Suraasa Profile’?

Step 1: Sign In

Sign in to the Suraasa Job Portal using your email address and password. Not signed up yet? Click here

Step 2: Go to Profile

Click on the top-right icon to open the menu and then click on "Profile" to open your profile. Click on ‘Edit Profile’ right beside your name.

Suraasa profile of a teacher

Step 3: The Basics

a) Profile Picture: Your profile picture is the first thing that the recruiter notices, so make yourself look professional and approachable. Here is a short checklist you should keep in mind for a good profile picture:

  • Make sure your face takes up at least 60% of the frame. 
  • Make sure to use good lighting and distraction-free background for your picture.
  • Use a high-resolution image. Make sure your picture has a clear quality.
  • Choose the right expression. Make sure your picture looks professional. 
Professional Profile picture

Do you see the difference between a good and a bad profile picture?

A professional profile picture builds credibility. It often even makes you stand apart from your peers. It could lead to more recruiters visiting your profile when they are going through a list of candidates.

b) Basic Details: Add your basic personal details: Name, Date of Birth, Gender and Nationality. 

Basic details

c) Current Location: Let your recruiters know where you are! Add your current location so that it’s easy for the schools to find you. Some schools may prefer candidates who already live in the same city/country as theirs.

Choose Country & State

Now, turn on the ‘I’m currently looking for job opportunities’ button. Did it turn blue? If yes, then click on ‘save’ and you’re ready to move to the next step.

Looking for job opportunities

Step 4: The Professional Stuff

a) About (Career aspiration)- Make it eye-catching and stand out of the crowd!

The ‘About’ section of your Suraasa profile is one of the most important parts that can influence a recruiter’s decision to connect with you. It is a great opportunity to communicate with your recruiter. Use your creativity to write an effective ‘About’ section and enhance your job profile!

Write about yourself and your long-term dream that you are pursuing. Write about how you will add value to the outcomes that the school is seeking. For example, if you’re an English teacher with a 3-years experience in teaching English to Primary kids in XYZ school, write about how you envision yourself as a teacher in the coming years and what you hope to achieve in your professional life in the years to come. Write about how you will ensure that no student in the class is left behind.

Career Aspiration of a teacher

b) Academics- Establish some credibility!

Add your qualifications and certificates to prove to your recruiters that you meet the required eligibility criteria. Recruiters are always looking for qualified teachers, so make sure you add all your teaching certifications and qualifications here.

If you are currently pursuing a qualification/certification and don't have a definite end date yet, you can enter the expected date by adding the estimated programme duration to your enrollment date. In this case, you can also leave the certificates field blank since you don't have one yet.
For eg. If you enrolled in Suraasa's PgCTL, which is a 10 month qualification on 1st January 2022, you would want to set end date as 1st October 2022.

Fill your teaching Qualification details

c) Work experience- Make a strong impression on your prospective employer!

As a job seeker, it is important to showcase your skills and abilities in the form of your experience, if any. Your experience sometimes shows that you possess the skills necessary to succeed in the teaching role you are applying for and can be an asset to the institution by performing exceptionally.

Include all the relevant information about your job history like your job title, employment type, subject/s you taught, job description, job location, and dates of employment. Add your significant responsibilities and skills concisely, which helped you manage your classrooms well. You can also add your salary. Don't worry, schools won't be able to see your salary. Your salary details will only be used by the Suraasa team to recommend relevant opportunities to you.

If you are currently working somewhere, you can simply click on the "Currently Working" checkbox and you won't need to fill the end 'End Date' in that case since it doesn't apply to you.

Work Experience section

d) Achievements- Show them what you got!

Your achievements are proof of your excellence as well as your motivation to excel. They show that you can go beyond teaching requirements by using your education and knowledge to produce more than expected. Though all teachers are expected to fulfil their respective duties, your accomplishments will set you apart from others and will show that you can bring something creative and new to the table. 

Add details of your publications, award and honour, test score and projects, if any. 

Achievements section
  • Publication: Add details of the books you have written or contributed to, published papers, research papers or articles you have written.
  • Award & Honour: Highlight awards or honours you have received for your work or academic excellence.
  • Test Score: Mention the scores of the tests that aim to assess teachers' pedagogical understanding and thus help the schools in identifying qualified candidates.
  • Project: Highlight the details of the projects you are working on or have worked on and mention your role and experience.

e) Languages- Highlight your language skills on your profile!

Communication is a critical part of a teaching job. Possessing proficiency in the English language is a very basic requirement for teaching any subject/s in most international schools. Moreover, your fluency in English and ability to communicate is a great advantage. List all the languages you know according to your language proficiency.

Also, proficiency in multiple languages can open a range of professional opportunities for you. Make sure you are proficient in the native language of the place where you want to teach, which can make your job profile more noticeable to an employer. Language skills can also help you grow your professional network and get more job opportunities globally. For example, if you are looking for an English teaching job in Japan, listing your Japanese language skill in your job profile can help you reach out to your recruiter better.

language proficiency

f) Subjects- Enter the subjects you are interested in teaching or already teach. This is an important aspect of your job profile that lets your recruiter know if your job profile suits the teaching position. Your pedagogy subject might be one of the first filters for the recruiter looking for specific subject teachers.

Add new subject section

g) Work location interests- Mention the city and country where you want to work as a teacher.

Your recruiter needs to know which location you are interested to work at. Again, your work location interest might be one of the first filters for the recruiters looking for teachers in their school. 

Choose your work location

h) Interests and hobbies- Show your personality! 

Take this as an opportunity to show your recruiters your personal interests so you can connect with them better.

Mention the things that you enjoy in your personal life. Be strategic and purposeful when including your hobbies and interests. You might think this is just an additional thing for a teacher/aspiring teacher but how you choose to spend your spare time away from work shows a lot about your personality.

Intrest & hobbies section

Want to make your Suraasa Profile look more appealing? Try this!

Step 5: Video Portfolio

Show your recruiters that you’re more than just a still photo or a resume!

Video Portfolio, being one of the modern methods of job-seeking is a crucial feature to securing an invitation to interview. A video portfolio is a short glimpse of who you are, how you present yourself, how you communicate and how confident you are. Your video portfolio will definitely increase your visibility, credibility and of course, opportunities.

We have created 2 resources to help you record your first video portfolio: Video Portfolio Guide | Sample Video Portfolio

Step 6: Skill Portfolio

Skill Portfolio is a feature that gives you an opportunity to make an impression by showcasing your pedagogical skills. If you are a Suraasa teacher, your pedagogical skills automatically get added as Verified Skill Evidence in your Skill Portfolio. You have an option of turning an evidence off, in case you wish to hide it.

verified teaching skill

If you aren't able to see any skills, you either aren't enrolled into a Suraasa course with skill verification, or you are enrolled but don't have any accepted assignment yet.

Finished filling in the details? Congratulations! You are now ready to get hired.
Ready.. Set.. Go!

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Meet Suraasa, the World’s First Career Growth Platform for Teachers.

We empower teachers to attain desired career outcomes with skill-based pedagogy training & accredited qualifications.
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