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November 5, 2021
5 min read

How to Get Teaching Jobs Abroad?

How to Get Teaching Jobs Abroad?
Written By
Pooja Pant

Pooja Pant

Pooja, currently a Content Creator at Suraasa, is a former English teacher. On a personal note, she likes it when people follow her on Instagram.😀

A teacher works hard to educate and prepare students for the competitive world outside and shapes the country’s future by motivating the youth to become successful citizens. However, even after playing a significantly important role in society, sometimes due to lack of growth opportunities, you’re unable to get the desired satisfaction and salaries in your current job and you wish to migrate and build a teaching career abroad. If you’re one of them, then this article is for you.It will not only guide you with the process of finding teaching jobs in other countries but will also make you understand important things like the right application process, documentation, and know-hows of the interview processes that you should consider when you apply for a teaching job abroad.

teach abroad

Teaching abroad is loaded with a host of benefits. It allows you to learn more about other cultures as well as share your culture with the world. Moreover, it helps you to become a better professional as you get the valuable experience of teaching students with different cultural backgrounds, moral values, and societal structures.

Here are some important steps that you should consider to get the desired teaching job abroad:

Identify Job Requirements and Qualifications

First and foremost, search for jobs that match your expectations, requirements, and qualifications. You can find various teaching jobs in different public and private schools. However, the qualifications required to teach depend on the curriculum that the schools follow. For instance, a B.Ed degree would suffice for an Indian curriculum school whereas it wouldn’t suffice for teaching in an International curriculum school.

job requirements and qualifications

If you are willing to start your career in teaching abroad, then these are two general routes that you can follow to get your dream job.

Opt for a Teaching Program

Those who have recently got their graduation degrees can enrol themselves in teaching programs to get experience before becoming professional teachers. Most teaching aspirants get enrolled in programs such as - Lesson Planning, Boosting Employability, Teaching English, etc. to learn the required skills. Countries are actively looking for young and talented English speakers who are eager to teach. In some countries, it is not mandatory for teachers to know the local language. So, possibilities are endless, you just need to choose the right way.

Apply Directly to Teaching Jobs

The second route for getting teaching jobs abroad is by directly applying for them without opting for any teaching program. But, while doing this you need to be extra conscious and pay attention to the country’s requirements. Mostly, these hirings are contract-based, salaried, and some educational institutions provide amenities that teaching programs offer, like airfare, housing, vacation, etc.

Keep Documentation Ready

After deciding the country where you want a job, start preparing your documentation. Every country requires a different set of documents for the migration purposes. Moreover, schools abroad tend to prefer applicants who are well-prepared to migrate and start working as soon as possible. Thus, it is important to have your documents ready for employers and recruiters. An opportunity may come in no time, even before you anticipated. 


Update Your Resume

A resume plays a pivotal role in grabbing a teaching job abroad. It is your first communication with the recruiter, so don’t shy away from investing a good amount of time in making it impressive. Follow some simple tips mentioned below to make a professional resume :

  • Keep it short and simple (1 pager for freshers, upto 2 pages for experienced)
  • Use bullet points instead of long paragraphs
  • List only the qualifications, experiences, and achievements relevant to the job
  • Add all relevant leadership and management skills

If you are wondering where to find the perfect CV format, you can create a profile on Suraasa for free. You can download your profile in internationally accepted CV formats that go a long way in getting you a teaching job abroad.

Employers abroad typically take multiple rounds of interviews to find the most suitable candidate. Apart from one-on-one interviews, they may ask you for customized assignments or teaching demonstrations to test your skills and performance. Thus, be prepared for multiple challenges and ace each interview round with confidence. Present yourself formally and never forget your professional etiquettes.

interview preparation

Last but not the least, enrol yourself in the Professional Certificate in Teaching and Learning (PgCTL) offered by Suraasa. It is a UK level 6 (bachelor-level) teaching qualification that is designed to help teachers in accelerating their professional growth and savour a successful teaching career. The program prepares you for teaching in all classrooms worldwide and provides you access to career consultation along with interview guarantee. It enlightens you on how to use classroom infrastructures in order to create an effective student-learning environment and achieve great results. Moreover, it is accepted across various countries including the UAE, UK, (Ontario) Canada, and Australia and can definitely help you land your dream teaching job abroad.

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Written By
Pooja Pant

Pooja Pant

Pooja, currently a Content Creator at Suraasa, is a former English teacher. On a personal note, she likes it when people follow her on Instagram.😀

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Meet Suraasa, the World’s First Career Growth Platform for Teachers.

We empower teachers to attain desired career outcomes with skill-based pedagogy training & accredited qualifications.
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