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September 6, 2023
8 min read

How Participating in International Teachers’ Olympiad Can Benefit Educators

How Participating in International Teachers’ Olympiad Can Benefit Educators
Written By
Aashita Pillai

Aashita Pillai

Aashita is a writer here at Suraasa and has formerly worked as a Teacher Mentor for a couple of years. She wields words like weapons to help readers get clear and concise information.


Teachers, here’s a self-reflection assignment for you:

Questions that highlight olympiad benefits teachers deserve

Undoubtedly, you must have answered “Yes” to at least one of the above questions, if not all of them. 

As a teacher, you take the responsibility of shaping young minds seriously. And we love the kind of commitment you show to your students. For all that you do, you deserve to be RECOGNISED, REWARDED, and RESPECTED.

What if we told you there's a way to achieve all of this?

Introducing International Teacher's Olympiad. Let's explore it in detail along with the Olympiad benefits.

What is International Teachers’ Olympiad?

International Teachers’ Olympiad is a unique one-stop solution for all that you desire as a teacher. It’s an opportunity for you to:

  1. Assess your pedagogical knowledge & teaching skills to demonstrate your expertise,
  2. Gauge your current abilities, spot the areas that you can work on, & identify growth opportunities, and
  3. Gain recognition & rewards for your teaching expertise.

Let’s understand how International Teachers’ Olympiad will help you achieve your teaching goals.

International Teachers’ Olympiad: Benefits of Participation

1. Know Where You Stand Globally

One of the key Olympiad benefits is that it gives you a chance to understand where you stand among your peers on a global scale. Now, this isn’t about competition; it’s about a chance at self-improvement.

By participating in the Olympiad, you’ll become self-aware about where you stand, and this will give you the push to become an even better teacher. 

Maybe you could take it up as a challenge, where the competition is with yourself, and you have to beat your 2023 performance in ITO 2024!

Olympiad benefit of global benchmarking

2. Grow with a Personalised Plan and Multiple Free Resources

The Olympiad acts like a magnifying lens for you to scrutinise your teaching methodologies. After the Olympiad, you’ll receive a personalised report. This report will outline your strengths, weaknesses, and the scope for improvement. 

Month after month, for the next six months, you'll receive six reports in total. These will have targeted recommendations and free resources to improve in each of the six pedagogy domains. 

Want to view a sample report? Click here

3. Get Recognised in your Region, Country, and Globally

Your achievements in International Teachers’ Olympiad will be the gateway for you to get the recognition you desire as a teacher. The Olympiad benefits you by enhancing your professional reputation. It can even open doors for better career opportunities for you in the future. 

You stand a chance to get recognised beyond the four walls of your classroom- your region, your country and even at a global scale. This recognition is a testament to your commitment towards teaching & will only motivate you to keep becoming a better teacher.

Olympiad Benefit: teachers gain recognition in the news

4. Unlock Huge Cash Rewards 

The general norm about teaching is that it’s a noble profession. Teachers are in this profession because they love moulding young minds. While that is definitely true, getting rewarded for your teaching abilities is something that's equally important!

With International Teachers’ Olympiad, you have the chance to win huge cash rewards of up to $3650 (AED 15,000 / INR 3,00,000)- a testament to the value you bring to the world of education.

Olympiad prize money credited screenshots

5. Enhance Your Teaching Portfolio

Just by participating in the Olympiad, you will be getting an International Certificate of Participation and six Masterclass Certificates. If you are among the top performers, you will also receive merit certificates for either the Top 30 percentile, Top 10 percentile, or Top 1 percentile.  You can add these Olympiad certificates to your teaching portfolio to enhance it.

For a future job interview, this showcases that you aren’t content with the status quo, you’re dedicated to evolving, improving, and making a lasting impact on your students.

Olympiad certificates that teachers get after the teacher olympiad

6. Join a Global Teaching Community

Every teacher who registers for International Teachers’ Olympiad gets access to the largest teaching community in the world- ITO Global Community. 

This brings together teachers from across the globe, fostering an environment of camaraderie and shared learning. You get to connect with like-minded teachers, exchange innovative ideas, and discuss best practices. 

In the long run, this gives you the gift of collaborations, partnerships, and lifelong friendships.

Teacher community as one of the Olympiad benefits

7. Get Celebrated in Your School

This is perhaps the sweetest Olympiad benefit you can enjoy. Your commendable achievements in the Olympiad will help put your school on the map as well. It highlights values like dedication and commitment to excellence in your school. 

All in all, this is a chance for you not just to get recognition for your achievements but also for your school’s expertise in education. It will elevate your school’s reputation, positioning it as a centre of excellence.

Teacher getting due appreciation from staff and students for Teachers’ Olympiad

Plus, you become role models for your students and peers, embracing them to adopt a growth mindset and persevere in the face of academic challenges.

Curious to Know More? All Your Answers are Here!

Q1) What is the mode & duration of the assessment?

The Olympiad is a one-hour online assessment with around 50-60 MCQs based on six pedagogy domains.

Q2) What are the pedagogy domains that will be evaluated in the Olympiad?

  1. Ethics and Values
  2. Teacher Growth and Professional Development
  3. Learning Environment
  4. Learning Assessment & Data 
  5. Student Engagement 
  6. Curriculum, Pedagogy and Technology

Q3) Who is the organiser of ITO 2023?

The Olympiad is being organised by Suraasa, the world's leading platform for teacher growth and development. The team has trained teachers from 47+ nationalities, conducted over 3,05,000+ teacher assessments and delivered over 100+ million minutes of learning in the past few years.

Q4) When does registration begin? When is the Olympiad scheduled?

Registration officially opened on August 15, 2023. Secure your spot by registering here. Given the limited registration window, it's advisable to sign up early. Mark your calendar for the grand event: International Teachers’ Olympiad is set for October 7, 2023.

Q5) What about the results? Will my school be able to view my results?

Based on your performance, you will receive personalised reports and growth plans for the next months. No, your school can’t view your results. Your assessment report isn’t just tailored to you- it’s also for your eyes only. You can work on yourself quietly or, if you choose, flaunt your standing to the world.

Got more questions in your mind? No worries, check out these frequently asked questions that teachers like you are asking us!

Still, having queries? Here are some success stories from the Top 100 teachers who participated in ITO 2022 to put your reservations to rest.

Real Stories from Teachers Who Participated in ITO 2022

Teacher shares her experience with the teacher olympiad
Teacher happy with the international teacher olympiad results
Experience of a participant who gave the international teacher olympiad
Teacher happy with the international teacher olympiad experience
Teacher sharing her success story after teacher olympiad

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As we stand on the cusp of a new era in education, the International Teachers’ Olympiad presents an unrivalled opportunity for teachers like you to rise, learn, and shine on a global stage. Time to seize the opportunity to unlock your true teaching potential and embark on a journey of growth and excellence.

Thousands of teachers have already seized this opportunity! Are you ready for it?

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Written By
Aashita Pillai

Aashita Pillai

Aashita is a writer here at Suraasa and has formerly worked as a Teacher Mentor for a couple of years. She wields words like weapons to help readers get clear and concise information.

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