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February 29, 2024
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PgCTL & PGCE - Meaning, Duration, Fee & More

PgCTL & PGCE - Meaning, Duration, Fee & More
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Devangana Thakuria

Devangana Thakuria

Devangana is a writer here at Suraasa. Other than writing, she enjoys gardening and painting.

Are your recent internet searches all about “PGCE meaning”, “PGCE or PgCTL”? Wondering if these certifications are really important? Well, you are in the right place because you are about to find the answers to all of that and more. 

In this blog, we will delve into the specifics of these two very popular programs—PGCE  & PgCTL. Together we will journey through how they cater to your aspirations and impact your teaching career trajectory.


PgCTL and PGCE: Why Are They So Sought-After Teaching Qualifications?

We know that PGCE and PgCTL are two of the most popular teaching qualifications today. But what makes them so sought-after, and why are they so important? Let’s find out.

1. Aid in Professional Development

Teaching qualifications such as PGCE and PgCTL enable you to stay abreast of the latest educational trends and methodologies. They provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in modern classrooms.

2. Open International Opportunities

With education becoming increasingly globalized, these certifications serve as a bridge to international standards. They prepare you to excel in diverse educational settings. This makes you a valuable asset in international schools and educational institutions worldwide.

PgCTL success

3. Instill Philosophy of Lifelong Learning

Beyond enhancing career prospects, they instill a philosophy of lifelong learning. This ensures that you continue to grow, innovate, and inspire the next generation of teachers.

4. Boosts Employability and Career Progression

These qualifications significantly enhance your employability. They open doors to new job opportunities. Schools also tend to prioritize you when you have such specialized certifications.

Compelling reasons, aren’t they? Now, let’s move on to finding out the nitty-gritties of these qualifications. Let’s start with understanding in detail about PGCE.

PGCE: Meaning and Overview

PGCE certificate

The Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) is a one to two-year teaching qualification offered in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. It is a UK Level 7 qualification. However, do not confuse it with a postgraduate degree. PGCE is an advanced non-degree teaching certificate qualification that awards up to 60 credits. 

Some institutions allow you to transfer these credits toward a complete degree program. However, for this, you do need to check with the institution you are considering for the master’s degree. Now you must be wondering,

‘How to Apply for PGCE if I don't want to move to the UK?’

If this is on your mind, then let us share that you can study PGCE from a non-UK country as well. Many countries have universities that have tie-ups with a UK-based university. So usually, their requirements can vary according to their unique terms. Hence, it is best that you check their individual websites. And always make sure to reach out to them in case of any confusion.

Did You Know?
In the UK, qualifications need to offer 180 credits in order to be called a postgraduate degree.

PGCE is a comprehensive program focused on teacher training and education.

Under PGCE, internship placements in schools is a key component. Through these internships, you have the opportunity to observe teaching methods, assist in classroom activities, and eventually take on teaching responsibilities under supervision. 

During these placements, you will spend time in actual school environments, working alongside experienced educators. This real-world experience allows you to put theory into practice, honing your teaching skills in a supportive setting. 

Furthermore, it covers other important areas of teaching. They include the integration of educational technology alongside the ethical and legal aspects of the profession.  The program also emphasizes inclusive education. So, you'll learn how to meet the needs of all kinds of students, no matter their learning style. 

Your communication and collaboration skills are also honed as a part of this course. This is because good communication skills are the cornerstone of effective teaching. In the coming sections, we will cover the duration of PGCE, its course, fees, eligibility and more. So, keep reading.   

Now, let’s move on to understanding about PgCTL.

PgCTL: Meaning and Overview

PgCTL certificate

The Professional Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning, or PgCTL, is an outcome-based teaching qualification offered by Suraasa. It offers you 102 credits. This course is delivered online. This means that anyone can enroll for this course, no matter the location. 

Wondering why you should take up this certification? 

It is to arm you with the skills needed for the 21st-century classroom. It's about equipping you with real-classroom knowledge and skills. This program is all about practical learning. It offers a combination of online classes and assignments filled with real-classroom scenarios. 

Some of these assignments require you to spend time in a real classroom. Through this comprehensive approach, PgCTL prepares you to effectively handle the challenges of Gen Z and Gen Alpha students. 

The programme also includes interview preparation, access to a teacher-focused job platform, 100% interview assurance with top international schools globally. The list of benefits does not end here. As a PgCTL learner, you also get your very own skills e-portfolio for life, interview and boosting employability course, and lifetime career support. 

PgCTL program isn’t like regular teaching certifications. This is a qualification that allows you to get multiple teaching certifications. Sounds outstanding, right? Well, keep reading to find out more. 

The brains behind PgCTL realized that teaching is a full-time job. So, professional development alongside teaching can get very hectic at times. So, when you enroll for PgCTL and complete the course successfully, you are eligible to get other certifications as well.

One Program, Two Qualifications: To find out the qualification options that you can avail with PgCTL, download the brochure here!

Additionally, with PgCTL you also have the opportunity to connect with other learners and network with them. As a PgCTL learner, you are instantly added to the PgCTL learner community. 

Here, you can reach out to fellow learners and even faculty members. This way, you can connect with like-minded peers from all over the world. You can also stay updated about the latest happenings in the community. 

Now, let’s move on to check out the eligibility requirements for PGCE and PgCTL.

Eligibility Criteria

Whether it's PgCTL or PGCE, it's crucial to understand their eligibility. The eligibility criteria for each are tailored to ensure that prospective candidates possess the necessary academic background.

eligibility for PGCE and PgCTL

Academic qualifications required for PgCTL

To be eligible for the PgCTL program, you must possess:

  • A bachelor's level degree in any subject
  • A strong command of the English language is essential. (This is because the medium of instruction for PgCTL is English.)

Academic qualifications required for PGCE

For PGCE program, you must have: 

  • An undergraduate degree from a UK higher education institution. Or you may also hold a qualification recognized as equivalent.
  • At least a grade C/4 in GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) English and Mathematics.

If you want to  specialize in teaching early years and primary students, then you will require:

  • A GCSE in a science subject, with a minimum grade of C/4. 

If your first language is not English, then you will also need to meet certain additional requirements. These include:

  • An IELTS 6.5 overall score, with 6.5 in writing, with no sub-section marks below 6.0. 
  • A physical and mental fitness certificate. 

Now, let’s discuss the time commitment that you will have to put in for these programs.

Duration of the Program

Embarking on a journey to become a qualified teacher is an exciting and transformative experience. A key factor in this journey is understanding the time commitment involved. Whether you're considering the PgCTL or the PGCE, knowing the duration of these programs is crucial for planning your career ahead.

duration of PGCE and PgCTL

Let's delve into the typical timelines for these two teaching qualifications.

Typical duration of PgCTL

The ideal duration to complete PgCTL program, along with the UK Level 6 Diploma in Teaching is 10 months. 

PgCTL is a live instructor-led course delivered online. It comprises 4 hours of face-to-face classes per week and recorded videos. These classes are mostly held on Saturdays and Sundays. So you do not have to worry about missing work or any other commitments that you may have.

Typical duration of PGCE

The typical duration for PGCE is 1 year. This is valid if you are looking at a full-time program option. However, a part-time PGCE can take you 2 years or more. 

If you choose PGCE online, you will still be required to go for classroom experience. That means either you will have to consult and choose a school yourself or you may be allotted one from the platform that is offering the PGCE online course. This requirement could be another factor that might have an influence on the time factor for PGCE. 

Let’s now explore the curriculum of these two courses.

Curriculum and Course Structure

Curious about what really makes teacher training programs like the PgCTL and PGCE a plus on your resume? Well, it's all in their curriculum and how they're structured. Think of it as the recipe that shapes you as a futuristic educator. These courses blend just the right ingredients of skills and knowledge.

course structure for PGCE and PgCTL

So, let’s move on to uncovering the secret sauce that makes each one unique.

Overview of the curriculum for PgCTL

Diving into the PgCTL curriculum, you'll find it's not just comprehensive but impressively global in its approach. Crafted by top education experts, this program meets teaching standards and regulatory requirements across the globe.

The PgCTL curriculum covers areas the following areas:

PgCTL curriculum
  • Reflective Teaching: It's all about self-awareness in your teaching style in this module. You will be exploring different tools and models to help you grow professionally on a global scale.
  • Assessment and Evaluation Techniques: Here, you'll learn how to assess and evaluate students effectively, applying global best practices in assessment.
  • Using Technology for Teaching and Learning: This module teaches you to integrate the latest digital tools into your teaching.
  • Child Development, Learning Styles and Learning Taxonomies: Here, you will be learning about theories of child development and adapting to diverse learning styles.
  • Questioning Skills and Techniques: Here, you will learn how to use the power of questions to enhance the learning experience.
  • Lesson Planning: This module trains you to become adept at creating impactful lesson plans.
  • Learning Theories and Teaching Strategies: This module combines global learning theories with practical strategies. It aims to make your teaching universally effective.
  • Ethics and Values: This module will train you in ethical aspects of teaching in educational settings worldwide.
  • Providing Feedback: This segment is all about the art and science of feedback in a global classroom context. You'll learn how to give insightful, constructive feedback that can make a real difference in students' learning experiences. 
  • Management of Class Dynamics: Here, you will learn to manage a classroom effectively. You will gain the understanding of diverse student behaviors to create an engaging learning environment for all.

Let’s move on to exploring the course for PGCE.

Overview of the curriculum for PGCE

The PGCE curriculum is thoughtfully designed to equip you with essential skills for the classroom. It covers areas like:

  • Curriculum Development: Here, you'll be exploring the art of crafting educational courses and materials. It's all about designing engaging lessons that not only educate but inspire students.
  • Communication & Language: This module teaches you effective communication. You'll learn the intricacies of language development and communication skills. This is essential for effective teaching and building strong relationships with your students. 
  • Behavior Theories: Here, you’ll explore theories on student behavior within the classroom setting. Understanding these concepts will help you foster a positive learning environment and effectively manage classroom dynamics.
  • Personal, Social, and Emotional Development for Students: This module is about strategies and practices that support students’ learning journey

It also has modules related to sensory curriculum and early childhood education as well.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room- the cost of these courses.

Fees and Financial Considerations

We understand that finances play a huge role in influencing our educational decisions. So, to make an informed decision, you must know about the fees and other financial considerations for PgCTL and PGCE. In this section, we will be discussing just that.

Fees for PGCE and PgCTL

Tuition fees for PgCTL

The tuition fees for the PgCTL program can vary depending on the specific certification you choose to pursue. However, its transparent fee structure is going to make it so much easier for you. 

There are no hidden costs or any additional charges for the certificate. You do not have to pay for anything once you pay the tuition fees for your chosen certification. This clarity in pricing helps you a great deal in making the right decision.

A major perk of the PgCTL program is its 100% online format. This means you won't have to budget for travel, accommodation, and other such expenses. 

Additionally, PgCTL comes with easy financing options which streamlines the process for you. This eliminates the need for running from pillar to post with loan applications at multiple providers. The easy financing option simplifies the financial aspect of enrolling in the course. Thus making it convenient and straightforward for you.

Tuition fees for PGCE

As you know, PGCE is offered by several universities in the UK. So, the PGCE tuition fees vary from institution to institution. Another factor that influences the fees for PGCE is your nationality. The PGCE fees are a little lower for UK nationals and a tad bit higher for international students. 

For example, Oxford University has mentioned its PGCE fees as £9,250 (INR 9,76,805.46/ AED 43,113.43 approx.) for UK students for the 2024-2025 session. For the same session, the university is charging £36,000 (INR 38,00,667.60/1,67,739.27 AED approx.) from overseas students. 

If you go for an offline PGCE learning experience, then attending classes and classroom lectures is imperative. Offline PGCE programs also have mandatory training placements. It is like an internship period. Here you will have the opportunity to practice the theories you learned through the lectures in classrooms.

As discussed above, training programs are mandatory in online PGCE courses as well. So, in both cases, you may have to deal with additional travel costs.

So, with the financial area covered, let’s move onto the admission process.

Admission Process

Whether you're eyeing the PgCTL or the PGCE program, the journey begins with the admission process. But don't worry, it's not as daunting as it seems! We're here to guide you through each step. Let’s begin.

Admission process for PGCE and PgCTL

Application procedures for PgCTL

Step 1: Talking to a Mentor

As soon as you click on the ‘Enrol Now’ button on the PgCTL page, you will be redirected to a form. Fill that up, along with picking a date and time for a counseling session

On the scheduled day and time, an academic counselor will have a brief discussion with you. This discussion will revolve around understanding your career aspirations. This helps the counselor to chart a growth pathway that specifically caters to your aspirations.

Admission process for PgCTL

Step 2: Submitting Application Form

Once this step is completed and reviewed, you will receive the application link via email. After you fill up and submit the application, it will be reviewed once again by the application committee.

Step 3: Appearing for virtual interview

After passing this scrutiny, you will have a short online meeting with an academic counselor. This is the last level of the application process for PgCTL. Once you receive the stamp of approval, you will be all set to start your PgCTL learning journey.

Did You Know?
Talking to a mentor is absolutely free! So how about sharing your teaching aspirations and getting started right away? Click here and book your 20 minutes free session.

Application procedures for PGCE

The application process for PGCE is like most other courses. All you need to do is pick your choice of university and visit their website. If you are applying for PGCE in the UK, then you need to apply through the government website only. Once you land on the site, you will be asked to make an account.

After that, you will have to fill in your details related to various areas. They include:

PGCE application steps

Universities employ a tutor who carefully reviews these applications. Once you are shortlisted, you will be called for an interview. This is the final step of the admission process.

Career Opportunities

As we shared earlier, PGCE and PgCTL are gateways to diverse and fulfilling career paths. Each certificate equips you with specialized skills and knowledge. This opens doors to innovative and impactful roles in the world of education. 

Whether it's shaping young minds or influencing educational policy, these courses can lead you to a future rich with possibilities.

Come, let’s find out how these qualifications can help you grow your wings professionally.

Job prospects after completing PgCTL

After you finish your PgCTL, you're really well set up for a career in teaching. Here are some areas where PgCTL will directly impact your career growth:

  • Versatile Career Opportunities: Completing a PgCTL opens the door for you to teaching roles across all levels, from primary to higher secondary education.
  • Global Mobility: The PgCTL acts as a passport for teaching careers both domestically and internationally. This makes you a sought-after candidate for international schools.
  • High Demand: As a PgCTL graduate, you will be in high demand globally. Thanks to the international perspective and high teaching standards the program brings.
  • Edge in International Teaching: PgCTL gives you a unique advantage as it prepares you to excel in multicultural environments and diverse educational systems.
  • Competitive Skill Set: The program equips you with essential skills for the global job market. This presents you as a top candidate for premier educational institutions worldwide.

Job prospects after completing PGCE

Just like PgCTL, PGCE too, offers you some exciting opportunities to take your teaching career in a new direction. With this qualification in hand, you can:

  • Become a Specialized Teacher: You can teach in primary, secondary, or even further education. It depends on what you specialized in during your course.
  • Start Teaching Internationally: Just like with PgCTL, with PGCE too, you're not just limited to teaching in your own country. The qualification is well-regarded in many places around the world. If you've ever thought about teaching abroad, this could be your opportunity.

  • Further Your Passion for Teaching: As a PGCE graduate, you may pursue educational research. You can explore opportunities in academic institutions, think tanks, and educational consultancy.

Come, now let’s check out the accreditation bodies for these two teaching certifications.

Accreditation and Recognition

Accreditation in education is a big deal, and here's why. 

Accreditation is like a seal of approval. It indicates that a program meets certain quality standards set by the educational community. Accreditation ensures the program is recognized and respected. This in turn, opens doors to more career opportunities and professional development for you.

Accrediting bodies for PGCE and PgCTL

Accrediting bodies for PgCTL

As shared above, PgCTL program offers a variety of certification options. Each option is accredited by a different body. Some of these bodies include UK Ofqual, ATHE in Norwich, the Indian School Of Business and Computing in Bangalore, and BUiD in Dubai.

PgCTL accreditation

The diverse accreditation of each certification within the PgCTL program signifies a commitment to world-class training. This means the knowledge and skills you gain are not only the latest. But they are also internationally relevant and recognized. Hence, it prepares you effectively for teaching at a global level.

Accrediting bodies for PGCE

PGCE is accredited by the university from which you decide to do it. For example, if you wish to pursue it from the University of Oxford, then your PGCE will be accredited by it. 

Now let’s move on to understand the scope of practical learning that these courses offer.

Practical Experience and Internships

When you are a teacher, you not only require theoretical knowledge but also practical skills. This is why PgCTL and PGCE have integrated substantial practical components into their curricula.

internships during PGCE and PgCTL

Integration of practical teaching experience in PgCTL

Offering hands-on learning is one of the core features of PgCTL. Are you now wondering if PgCTL is an online course? Then how do they do it?

Well, each PgCTL module comes with assignments with situation questions. These are  based on real classroom experiences. Additionally, there are some assignments that also require you to engage in a real classroom as well. 

PgCTL employs a blend of online lectures and mandatory in-person teaching experiences. These provide you with a safe environment to practice and refine your teaching techniques. This way, you get the best of online learning and real-world teaching. 

Inclusion of internships in PGCE

As discussed above, PGCE comes with mandatory classroom training. This hands-on training typically happens in a supervised educational setting. This is often in schools or educational institutions.

PGCE internships

You will be assigned to work alongside experienced educators. This allows you to observe and participate in day-to-day teaching activities. As a result, the immersive experience you get helps you to understand the nuances of the classroom. These include classroom management, student engagement, and lesson delivery.

Now let’s find out what the world thinks about these two teaching qualifications.

Global Perspective

In the landscape of modern education, teacher training programs such as PgCTL and PGCE embody a global perspective. Designed with an international outlook, these programs prepare educators for a world that is increasingly interconnected. 

Global validity of PGCE and PgCTL

Let's delve into discussing the relevance and applicability of PgCTL and PGCE in the global educational scenario.

Recognition and acceptance of PgCTL on the international stage

You know by now that PgCTL certifications are accredited by reputed bodies in the world. The accreditation from these prestigious bodies underscores the quality of the program. Such elite accreditation also ensures its acceptance and respect in the global educational community.

Global validity of PgCTL

As a result, with PgCTL graduate, you will stand out as a candidate in  international schools. This may open doors to diverse teaching opportunities across continents for you. The program curriculum is extensive. It will prepare you to teach in almost up to 17 global curricula. 

So, want to teach in the USA, the UAE, or countries like Canada, the UK, or Australia? All you need is a PgCTL certification. And it will be a significant asset in your professional journey.

Global relevance and applicability of PGCE

Just like PgCTL, PGCE is also globally accepted. The PGCE's curriculum and pedagogical approaches are designed with a strong emphasis on the British educational framework. This makes graduates well-suited for teaching in institutions that follow this curriculum. British international schools, in particular, value PGCE qualifications. This is because they are tailored to meet the specific requirements and standards of British education.

However, this doesn't mean that PGCE graduates are limited exclusively to British curriculum schools. Many international and bilingual schools globally appreciate the quality and perspective that PGCE graduates bring to the classroom.

Next up in our discussion are support services and resources offered as a part of these courses.

Support Services and Resources

Both PgCTL and PGCE programs are committed to fostering student success through comprehensive support services. These services are designed to assist you in your educational journey. This ensures you have the necessary resources and guidance to excel in your training.

support offered during PGCE and PgCTL

Let’s discuss the support services that you can expect in these two courses. 

Overview of support services available for PgCTL students

As a PgCTL learner, you will be able to access top-quality support services. These are dedicated to help and train you to find your ideal teaching job. For example, you will have access to the resource library, recorded classes, and video modules. You also get a dedicated program manager who will help you make the most of your PgCTL learning. 

These include access to a teacher-focused job platform, free career consultation, guidance on career mapping, and priority interview support. However, some of these features can be completed only after completing 6 modules of the course. Make sure to discuss this with your academic counselor to get a better understanding. 

As a PgCTL student, you also have access to a global teacher community for collaboration and peer support. This inclusive community is a valuable resource for networking, sharing experiences, and gaining insights from fellow educators. 

Global online teaching community

Resources provided to PGCE learners

PGCE programs also offer a wealth of resources and support to learners. However, it's important to note that the specific offerings may vary from one university to another. But there are common resources and services that you can typically expect to access during your study.

One of the primary resources available is access to the university's library facilities. This often includes both physical libraries, as well as digital libraries with extensive electronic collections.

In addition, PGCE programs often provide you with access to a wealth of instructional materials. These include video lectures and educational content to teaching methodologies and best practices.

However, you should also check with the university to understand the full range of resources and support services available.

In both cases, the resources equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in teaching. However, the impact of support systems on student success in the PgCTL program is particularly significant. 

As a PgCTL learner, you get specialized career-oriented support, including free career consultations and priority interview assistance. This empowers you to make informed career decisions and secure teaching positions efficiently. You are also able to build a robust professional network. This translates into higher employability and long-term success in the teaching field.

Therefore, when considering your postgraduate education options, it's worthwhile to explore the advantages that the PgCTL program offers. Its enhanced support systems play a pivotal role in shaping your academic journey and also your career trajectory.

Bonus Content: Alumni Success Stories of PgCTL

Hear about PgCTL from those who have lived this experience:


Let's summarize the key points of the PgCTL and PGCE qualifications in a side-by-side comparison table to help you make an informed decision:

Duration Typically 10 months, with options for self-paced or live instructor-led learning. Typically 1 year for full-time, 2 years or more for part-time.
Mode Online Both online and offline options are available
Accreditation Accredited by various globally reputable bodies, offering multiple certifications. Accredited by the university from which it is pursued.
Certification Offer dual certification Offers single certification
Curriculum Comprehensive, global approach, emphasizing 21st-century teaching skills. Focused on British educational standards and curriculum.
Practical Experience Blend of virtual simulations and in-person teaching experiences. Mandatory classroom training in schools.
Support Services and Resources Free career consultation, guidance on career mapping, priority interview support, and access to a global teacher community. Resources and support services may vary by university. Usually includes access to libraries and instructional materials.
Career Opportunities Opens doors to teaching positions worldwide, with a focus on multicultural classrooms. Qualifies you to teach specific subjects or age groups, with opportunities for international teaching.
Global Recognition Recognized for its extensive accreditation and curriculum, preparing graduates for diverse global teaching roles. Well-regarded in many places around the world, especially in British international schools.
Financial Considerations Transparent fee structure, and 100% online format with no additional travel costs. Tuition fees vary by institution and nationality, with potential additional expenses for classroom training.

And with that, we come to the end of this blog. We hope this blog will help you understand everything about PGCE and PgCTL. If you find yourself still grappling with confusion or feeling overwhelmed by the information, don't worry – we understand.

Reach out to a Suraasa mentor, and they can assist you in making the best choice for your unique goals and circumstances. Simply schedule a free one-on-one mentoring session by clicking the button below:

You're on the verge of creating the teaching career of your dreams. Take that crucial first step towards turning your aspirations into reality.

We wish you an incredibly rewarding journey of learning and teaching ahead!


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