December 13, 2021

Relevance of CTET Exam for Teachers

Relevance of CTET Exam for Teachers

The educational industry is flourishing and there is a growing need for teachers in educational institutions, especially in junior classes. These are formative years for students and are of utmost importance, which is why teachers must guide and support children during this time. Teaching profession has a huge responsibility. Apart from imparting knowledge to students, teachers have to work on their overall development and growth. 

This is why it is integral to ensure that educators are equipped with the necessary skill set that is needed in the classroom for the holistic development of students. To facilitate and increase the standard of teaching, the government has made the Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) mandatory for teachers. So, if you are an aspiring teacher wanting to kick start your career in the education field, we have prepared a guide for you on CTET certificate scope and career growth opportunities to support you in every step of the way.

Relevance of CTET exam for teachers

Eligibility for CTET Exam

People interested in building their career in the teaching profession must pass the CTET exam after their teacher training certificate. CTET has become a compulsory certificate for the selection as a teacher. Many private as well as public schools have also made CTET certificate a compulsory eligibility criteria for teaching job positions. The minimum requirement for appearing for the test is that the candidate should be an Indian citizen and above 17 years of age. Additionally, candidates must have completed their graduation or must be enrolled in the first year of B.Ed to be eligible.

Importance of CTET Certificate

The examination consists of two sets of paper. The first exam is for the classes 1st to 5th grade and the second one is for 6th to 8th grade. Clearing the assessments opens a gateway of opportunities for teachers in India. By equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills, these exams bridge the gap between the learning requirements of students and the teaching methodologies of educators.

Importance of CTET certificate


After clearing the CTET, teachers are more likely to advance faster and higher in their careers. Starting from the primary level, they have the opportunity to rise to the designation of the principal of a school. While selecting a teacher for promotion, the first thing taken into consideration is the qualification and certification followed by their teaching skills. This is why it is of utmost importance for educators to clear the CTET exam as well as continue upskilling themselves throughout their professional life.

Growth and promotion

Higher Pay Scale

The best advantage is the higher pay scale of teachers who have cleared the CTET exam. From government to private schools, these educators are paid more. It also opens avenues to all government teaching jobs in schools like Kendra Vidyalaya and Army Public schools. These are considered some of the top tier government schools in the country. Additionally, highly trained teachers get better chances of career advancement.

Higher pay scale


Making these examinations compulsory will prove beneficial in reducing the malpractices in the education system. It will further aid in equipping the candidates with the right skills and attributes required for teaching jobs. Additionally, teacher training courses are a great option to upgrade one’s knowledge. Online platforms such as Suraasa provide mentorship and professional development courses for teachers that can help them accelerate in their careers.

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