February 8, 2022
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How to Build Your Global Network and Find Jobs on LinkedIn as a Teacher?

How to Build Your Global Network and Find Jobs on LinkedIn as a Teacher?
Written By
Pooja Pant

Pooja Pant

Pooja, currently a Content Creator at Suraasa, is a former English teacher. On a personal note, she likes it when people follow her on Instagram.😀

The hybrid teaching model and remote working has increased the importance of social networking. Now more than ever, professional networks like LinkedIn have become increasingly popular. It has more than 800 million active users and, if you are still not there, you are definitely missing out on tons of career growth opportunities.

A great way to tap in the potential of the networks is to build a personal brand and connect with people who are from the teaching industry. It will help in reaching out to and knowing professionals across the world.

Educators who are looking for a job can use LinkedIn to their advantage. Continue reading to understand how LinkedIn can be used to build an online presence and find work opportunities.

Use LinkedIn to find teaching jobs

3 Tips to Build a Fruitful Professional Network on LinkedIn

1. Personal Branding

One of the best ways to connect with people on a larger scale and build a network on LinkedIn is by focusing on creating your personal brand. Posting regularly on the relevant niche of your industry or jobs can be a great way to increase your profile reach. Additionally, try to leave comments and interact with other people’s posts as well. This will help in creating a good connection with people from the education industry, which can be really helpful for your career growth.

Personal branding on LinkedIn

2. Personalise Connection Requests

While sending connection requests to people on LinkedIn, it is important to add a personal note. Simply clicking on the connect button won’t help in building your network. People are also more inclined to accept and interact when the request has a personalised note. For example, finding a common ground such as industry, school, city or people that you know with the people on LinkedIn are some ways to establish a connection. This helps in forming good relationships with people from the same community that can be helpful for the long run.

Personalise connection requests on LinkedIn

3. Explore LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are a great way to get into a community or network with people from the same industry. There are various industry-specific groups and specific topic-related groups that people can be part of such as the International Association of Academic Professionals, Higher Education Management, Higher Education Teaching and Learning and more. These offer people a chance to share information, expert advice and build relationships with a targeted group of people on LinkedIn.

Explore LinkedIn groups

How can Teachers use LinkedIn to get a Job?

Today, LinkedIn is more than just a professional network of people around the world. It has the power to help you get a job. With people from top tier educational institutions on this platform, teachers can find better work opportunities by establishing their online presence. Being proactive on LinkedIn and building a personal brand can greatly increase the chances of finding a teaching job. Here are a few tips that educators should follow to boost their LinkedIn profile for better job opportunities:

  • Keep your profile up-to-date 
  • Be comprehensive about current skills and objectives
  • Highlight your recent experiences
  • Update your headline 
  • Build a network with the right people
  • Research the institutions and companies you want to work at 
  • Use advanced search
How can teachers use LinkedIn to get a job?


LinkedIn offers educators a chance to grow professionally. When used correctly, it can help teachers in finding better teaching jobs by getting in touch with people from the education industry and showcasing their teaching knowledge. You can learn more about how to find better teaching jobs from platforms like Suraasa. Their mentorship and teacher training courses on Boosting Employability can aid in boosting career growth.

Written By
Pooja Pant

Pooja Pant

Pooja, currently a Content Creator at Suraasa, is a former English teacher. On a personal note, she likes it when people follow her on Instagram.😀

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