December 25, 2021

TET Prep Course by Suraasa

TET Prep Course by Suraasa

The Teacher Eligibility Tests (TETs), conducted both at the state & central level, are minimum eligibility tests for becoming a school teacher in India. They aim to assess teachers' pedagogical understanding and thus help the government and schools in identifying qualified candidates.

Previously, it was mandatory to clear the TETs to become eligible to teach in government schools only. However, the National Education Policy 2020 had mandated all aspiring and existing teachers to pass the TETs to be eligible to teach in both private and government schools.

Importance of clearing CTET for teachers

What is TET Prep Course by Suraasa?

TET Prep Course for teachers is an initiative by Suraasa to support pre-service and in-service teachers in clearing the TETs. This course will prepare you with all the knowledge you need to ace TETs, within 8 weeks with 4 hours of learning/week. Anyone who wishes to teach at a K-12 School level is eligible for this course. This is a self-paced course that you can complete at your own convenience. It consists of recorded video classes, assessments, mock tests, and reading material. You can access the course for a duration of 12 months and get it extended by paying an extension fee. Also, you receive a Suraasa certificate after completing the course. 

This course develops the knowledge, understanding and skills required to clear the TETs. The course enhances the teacher's knowledge and understanding about various aspects of Child Development & Pedagogy, language concepts and pedagogy etc. Check out the TET Prep Course.

TET Prep course by Suraasa to help teachers clear TETs

Knowledge and Skills you will Gain with TET Prep Course

  • Develop an understanding of the concepts in child development
  • Develop a thorough understanding of the concepts and pedagogy of English as Language 1
  • Develop a thorough understanding of the concepts and pedagogy of Hindi as Langauge 2
  • Understand and apply the concepts and pedagogy in teaching of Mathematics
  • Understand and apply the concepts and pedagogy of EVS.
Knowledge and skills you will gain with TET Prep Course

Suraasa aims to build a nation of highly skilled teachers and offer them a golden chance to accomplish their goals of becoming a teacher in a top-rated institution. It has introduced several courses and teaching certifications to help teachers learn about classroom management techniques and methodologies for effective teaching. These programs have the power of accelerating your teaching career if you aspire to rise high in the education industry. You can also talk to Suraasa’s mentor who can guide you with the same.

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