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July 6, 2022
6 min read

Top 5 Subjects You Should Consider Teaching in 2020s

Top 5 Subjects You Should Consider Teaching in 2020s
Written By
Simran Agarwal

Simran Agarwal

Simran is a writer here at Suraasa and has formerly worked as a Teacher. She is passionate about learning and making a difference through her words.

Are you thinking of becoming a teacher? You’re in luck as there has not been a better time to become a teacher than today. Well, here is why we claim this: The UNESCO Institute for Statistics estimates that we'll need 69 million new teachers by 2030 to meet global education goals. 

Moreover, across the globe, governments are allocating millions of dollars to counter the teacher shortages in their respective counties. A number of incentives such as tuition-free programmes, higher salaries, and improved support systems are being put in place, which undoubtedly makes 2022 a great time to get into teaching. Hence, if you are looking for a career in teaching but want to know what types of teachers are in high demand, you've come to the right place!

How to become a teacher

To put it out quite bluntly, from kindergarten to secondary education, there is demand for teachers at every level. However, that being said, teachers who specialise in specific subjects are more likely to land an entry-level job. Schools across the globe want to improve their students’ current abilities and help narrow the gap between high-performing and low-performing students which has broadened massively post covid particularly in the case of specialised subjects.

So, here are the Top 5 Subjects on the spot that will be in great demand in the coming years:

English as a Second Language (ESL)

According to the British Council, one of the largest providers of English classes in the world, says approximately 2+ billion people are learning and using English today. Well, given the facts it’s not hard to understand why ESL educators are some of the most in-demand teachers today. Moreover, every fifth student is a non-native English speaker, so roughly a quarter of students may have trouble understanding class material. Hence, this increasing number of students from non-english-speaking homes have increased the demand for ESL teachers and will continue to do so in the future.

Become an ESL Teacher


Mathematics teacher shortage is a real thing with schools worldwide reporting serious difficulties filling mathematics teacher vacancies every year. There are two reasons for this situation in hand: first, the scarcity of qualified high-calibre teachers with a degree in mathematics. We don't blame anyone, finding X is harder than it sounds! 😄

Why we need Maths teachers

The second being the falling student grades for maths in classrooms. With addressing learning gaps & improving tutoring and remedial support systems, being a mathematics teacher is a daunting task - not meant for everyone. So, if you think you’re good with numbers and children, you can pave the way for a fantastic yet fulfilling career in education for yourself!


Do you love, love, love all things Science? Lucky you, maybe you can get a bachelor's degree in Science and a teaching qualification like PgCTL to end up becoming a science teacher earning a seven figure salary!

 Demand of Science teachers

With Science by your side, there are few things we can say: Jobs are plentiful. Pay is better than in many professions. Perks are good. Schools are desperate to hire Science teachers, be it Physics, Chemistry or Computer Science, schools want you. Don’t believe us? Check out these jobs for Science teachers lining up everyday.


If you know how to read, write and speak in Arabic, we would recommend you get a certificate in this language for good, right away. Not only Arabic teachers are in high demand today but schools offer competitive salaries to Arabic teachers.

Salary of Arabic teachers

For example, the average salary of an Arabic teacher in the UAE is approximately around AED 10,000 (Rs.2,20,000) per month. With enormous open positions available to fluent speakers, Arabic has the potential to become an invaluable language skill for any teacher, especially in Arab countries.

Special Education

Special education might offer you abundant opportunities if you are considering a teaching career. With a sharp rise in the number of specially abled children such as autistic kids, there would be a direct boom in demand for teachers in special education in the coming years. Moreover, according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, about one in every six kids between 3 and 17 years old goes to school with a physical, mental, learning, or behavioural disability. Well, prepare yourself as a special educator and become an in-demand teacher to fill the massive special education vacancies. 

By becoming a special educator, you’ll enable specially abled children to gain independence, get quality education and reach their full potential. Hence if you’re passionate about making a difference and being a teacher at the same time, choosing the field of special education is your door to your goals. As well as being emotionally rewarding, working with children with special needs is an incredible learning experience with various benefits and perks.


So, whichever subject you choose to begin with, you need a bachelor's degree in your subject of choice and a recognised teaching qualification.

Top subjects to teach

Nevertheless, it's a great time to enter the teaching profession as the demand for qualified teachers willing to work in education with subject expertise & credentials is only expected to move upwards. Want to know more about getting a teaching qualification? Book a free one-to-one mentoring session with a Suraasa expert here.

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Written By
Simran Agarwal

Simran Agarwal

Simran is a writer here at Suraasa and has formerly worked as a Teacher. She is passionate about learning and making a difference through her words.

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