December 23, 2021

Top Skills you Need to Become a Teacher at an International School

Top Skills you Need to Become a Teacher at an International School

The teaching profession requires continuous learning and it is necessary for teachers to keep up with the changing education trends. With advanced technology, the standard of teaching has also gone up. Keeping this in mind, international schools look for teachers who invest in their professional development to upskill themselves. Hence, it becomes imperative for teachers to work upon themselves not only to be able to deliver better lectures and cater to students' learning requirements effectively but grab teaching jobs in top schools. 

Furthermore, the methodologies of teaching have also progressed with time. Teachers today use smart boards and presentations to make students understand better. So, to keep up with the changing trends, it is time for educators to work on acquiring and developing new skill sets. If you are looking to advance in your teaching career and aspire to become an international school teacher, here are the top skills that you need to acquire.

International school teaching jobs

Top Skills Every Teacher Must have to Get Employed at an International School

1. Critical Thinking Skills

The importance of having critical thinking skills cannot be undermined. From answering a difficult question on the spot in the class to solving everyday problems, students look at their teacher as someone who has all the answers. Along with this, taking care of and handling students isn’t easy. From small fights between students in class to some sensitive issues, it is the responsibility of the teacher to make sound decisions and help the students in need. Thus, as an educator, one must always be prepared to make smart decisions and come up with alternate solutions too.

Critical thinking skills

2. Planning and Organisational Skills

While discussing the job role of a teacher at an international institution, a major task is making lesson plans for the subject. Also, the teachers have to emphasise more on practical and project-based learning. To keep students actively engaged in the classroom, educators have to invest a lot of thought into planning interactive activities and projects. Along with this, there is also the task of planning examinations, preparing question papers and answer keys, checking assessments and making report cards. All this requires time management, planning and effective organisational skills.

Planning and organisational skills

3. Leadership Skills

A top reason for people to join the educational field is to make an impact on young minds. As teachers, they have a big responsibility of shaping the youth of the country. The ability to listen and understand students’ thoughts without being biased or speaking over them is an underrated skill every educator must have. Furthermore, great teachers are the ones who not only help students develop leadership attributes but are great leaders themselves. This is why international schools take into account the educator’s ability to lead and take charge in a classroom.

Leadership skills

4. Effective Communication Skills

One of the very basic yet important skills that a teacher must have is to be able to communicate effectively with students. Communication is not just verbal and written, it also includes your body language, presence in a classroom and listening abilities. Working with students in a learning environment makes it integral to adapt the style of communication that the students understand. Additionally, teachers also have to interact with parents and administrators. Hence, effective communication styles and languages are important for educators.

Effective communication skills


Working in the education industry today requires more than just the ability to teach. Top tier international schools look for teachers with diverse skill sets. Suraasa is a great platform for aspiring and experienced teachers who want to upskill themselves. Educators can opt for courses that enhance their teaching skills and help them accelerate their careers. For instance, programs such as Curriculum Design and Development can help educators gain knowledge about curriculum design and planning, which can definitely help them find better job opportunities in the teaching line.

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