November 1, 2021

Want to Teach at Better Schools? Time to Learn Better

Want to Teach at Better Schools? Time to Learn Better

“How do I get a job in a top notch school?”
“How do I make myself ready for bigger educational standards?”
“Why don’t I get responses from many schools I apply to?

If you’re a teacher who is looking for better jobs and have these questions in mind, continue reading to get the answers to these questions. Before everything, let’s talk about the fundamentals of teaching. There is a list of things that pops up in our heads when we think about the fundamentals of teaching. However, what’s above all are your pedagogical skills, which can not only help you become a more efficient teacher but also help you find a job in your dream school
Read below to understand how you can take your teaching career to another level:

A group of teachers upskilling themselves to achieve career growth

Read below to understand how you can take your teaching career to another level:

B.Ed Degree is not Enough!

You know, B.Ed is not the only requirement for teaching jobs. A B.Ed degree is not enough. Teaching is not only about deep subject knowledge; classroom management skills, interpersonal skills, curriculum designing skills, and assessment techniques among many other skills are equally essential. For example, not every teacher in the Maths or the English department can plan and design the curriculum, which meets the needs of students; the teacher has to be experimental, creative, solution-oriented, and even more for achieving the desired learning outcomes. So, your B.Ed degree is not enough, it’s time you upskill yourself for a better teaching career.


Skills vs Experience

It is not necessary that an experienced teacher is always better than an inexperienced one, as most people believe. Your eclectic skills take a centre stage when it comes to practical outcomes. You might not have five years of experience in teaching, but if you have the desired skills, you can be a great pick out of the many ordinary ones.

Teaching Skills

Hiring Practices Have Changed

It’s time to reinvent your approach for preparing for interviews. The interview questions today can go beyond the canned ones followed by multiple interview rounds, which test your pedagogical skills. They include rounds like lesson planning, demo teaching, writing rounds for language teachers, situational rounds, and what-not. Hiring practices have drastically changed over time. The lockdown has become a peak as well as a competitive window for applying for jobs. Therefore, the more skilled you are, the more chances you have for clearing the recruitment processes and getting better jobs.

ongoing interview discussion

Big Schools, Big Requirements

Top international schools look for teachers who understand the essence of education. They want teachers who are skilled enough to provide the students an educational adventure through engaging learning activities, real-world problems, moral education and more for the holistic development of students. These bigger educational standards set them apart from ordinary schools. So you need to prepare yourself really well with all those 21st-century skills to enter a pool of teaching opportunities in your dream school.

A teacher smiling with notes in hand
The new generation of students is constantly upgrading itself, and to shape the students’ careers and aspirations better, teachers today need to upskill themselves to be better prepared for the classrooms.
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