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Success Stories

    I had no idea that Suraasa was going to be a life-changing platform for me. Suraasa has excellent teacher educators which make you feel connected, provide immense support and a helping hand even after the programmes.

    Ms. Alefiya

    Assistant Supervisor in a CBSE Curriculum School

    I was noticed by my Learning Coach, who appreciated my efforts and showed a recording of my interactions with students to set an example for other teachers. In fact, I was awarded the title of the "Best Teaching Assistant"!

    Karishma Dodani

    English Teacher and Planner in a CBSE Curriculum School

    The Head of Academics at my school was thoroughly impressed by how well-structured my lessons were. I also got the Golden Apple award for setting an outstanding learning environment

    Mary Botros

    Teacher in a US Curriculum School

    Within two months of enrolling at Suraasa, I secured a job at a renowned British Curriculum school in Dubai! Recently, my HoD at this school appreciated my efficiently planned and executed lessons!

    Nishat Mulla

    Business Teacher in a British Curriculum School

    I have learned numerous practical things from Suraasa which I have applied in my lessons and have led me to better achievement of goals. I progressed from a good to an outstanding level.

    Mrs Rania Hassan

    Teacher in an American Curriculum School

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