Teacher Impact Awards

Inspire millions of other teachers by sharing your story and stand a chance to receive INR 3,00,000.

Why Should You Participate?

Chance to Receive a Cash Grant of up to INR 3,00,000

INR 3,00,000, INR 2,00,00, and INR 1,00,00 respectively. Top 10 get INR 50,000 each.

Top 10 Entries Get Personalised Mentorship from Suraasa

Prepare yourself for an interview with one of your dream schools.

Get Recognised by Global Education Leaders

In turn, get access to better opportunities and jobs.

Have a Look at Last Year's Stories

“Believe in yourself, work hard for it and thrive to make it happen!”

Ms Noor Nazia
Winner, TIA 2nd Edition
Ms Noor’s Entry
Listen to her Experience

“The TIA will give you a sense of pride for your achievements!”

Ms Amira Shah Murad
Runner Up, TIA 2nd Edition
Ms Amira’s Entry
Listen to her Experience

“It is not to win, you all are winners already because you are teachers!”

Mr Shaikh Abdulla
Educators’ Choice Award, TIA 2nd Edition
Mr Shaikh’s Entry
Listen to his Experience
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Exciting, Right?

We are equally excited!
Watch the video for a detailed walkthrough of the process of creating a highly impactful video. You can also download a document about the same to keep it handy.

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We Know What You Are Thinking. Why Is Suraasa Giving Away INR 11,00,000?

What does Suraasa Gain?

Insight into the career impact of teachers associated with Suraasa
Inputs to support teachers in their career pathways
Identification of potential leaders from the Suraasa community

What do You Gain?

More recognition for your teaching skills & impact
Insight into how teachers globally approach their growth
Access to better opportunities and jobs
Chance to get INR 3,00,000

Last Date to Submit Your Entry is 30th December 2022

Dear Magician, You have created more impact than most people in this world. You have a success story even if you changed the life of only one person and that one person could be you.

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Do you have any questions regarding the process? Feel free to contact us. Please note that the upload portal will be activated shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

I feel I don’t have a success story to share. What should I do?
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I am not a teacher currently. Can I participate?
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Where should I upload my video?
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Is there any deadline for submitting the video?
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I don't know how to edit the video. Can you help me out?
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I participated in the previous edition(s). Am I allowed to participate in this one as well?
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I was in the Top 3 or Top 10 in the last edition. Am I allowed to participate in this one as well?
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