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The United Kingdom has opened its doors for teachers from around the world to come and work in the UK as teachers. Take full advantage of this opportunity to advance your careers!
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Overview of Your Journey Ahead!

Embark on a thrilling teaching adventure in the United Kingdom - home to some of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world, including Oxford and Cambridge. The UK education system is highly respected and has a long-standing reputation. You may even find a supportive and dynamic environment that fosters growth and advancement.

The best part? The demand for international teachers in the UK has skyrocketed in recent years. Whether it's for their unique skill sets, diverse backgrounds, or their ability to provide students with a global perspective, schools and institutions recognise the value that these teachers bring to the classroom.

Looks like you are already at an advantage here with PgCTL or ATHE UK Level 6 Diploma in Teaching. Since you are well-equipped with the best global teaching standards and top pedagogy skills to excel in any international environment, why not take your career to the next level, and pivot your teaching journey to the UK? We've got you covered with the essential resources to make your dream a reality.

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Can You Apply?

Yes, Absolutely! 

The UK Government has recently introduced a new program to allow  qualified teachers from outside the UK, to work in England.

This four-year (exemption) rule is an exciting opportunity for qualified non-UK teachers to work in England, without obtaining Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) for the first 4 years of your teaching assignment. Post which, you can obtain QTS in case you want to continue your teaching career in the UK. This is applicable even in those schools where QTS is normally a minimum requirement.

As this opportunity will add valuable experience to your profile and a foundation for advancing your career, go ahead and use the checklist below to confirm your eligibility. Then, apply with ease, and work hard for your interview preparation.

The Checklist to Teach in the United Kingdom

Qualified as a teacher in a country outside the UK and demonstrate strong non-UK qualifications and experience
A high standard of written and spoken English
Successfully completed a course of teacher training recognised by the organisation that regulates teachers in the country where you qualified
Pass criminal and professional safeguarding checks (these will be organised by your employer)
A visa or immigration status allowing you to work in the UK
Valid passport

Please note: Eligibility criteria will vary with every opening. Read the criteria carefully before applying. After 4 years, you can easily apply for QTS and extend your employment.

How To Apply?

Follow our comprehensive resources for all the info you need. From start to finish, we've got you covered with all details, including skilled workers' licences, costs, salary details and tips to help you shine and increase your chances of success.


Check out our resources and start your application process today!
How to get a Teaching Job in the UK
February 26, 2023
17 min read

How to get a Teaching Job in the UK

The United Kingdom offers numerous opportunities to international teachers to teach in their country, grow their careers and make a positive impact on students' lives. In fact, recent data shows that expat teachers now make up over 7% of the teaching workforce in the UK, contributing to the diversity and vibrancy of the education system.
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Where To Apply?

Your search ends here! Simply click on the apply for jobs button below. Then browse through the various vacancies in the schools across the UK in which the 4-year-rule is being followed. Confirm your eligibility for each of the schools listed there as per your subject and levels, and then follow each school’s own application process. Do not limit yourself to just one application. Maximise your chances by applying to multiple positions and open the doors to a fulfilling teaching journey in the UK.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that the prospect of teaching in another country can raise a multitude of questions and concerns. From career development and financial considerations to planning for your future, there is a lot to consider. To aid in your research and planning, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions2 from individuals in similar situations. Check them out below:
How do I know which is the right international school for me?
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What do International Schools/Teacher programmes look for in an Expat Teacher?
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Do we have opportunities from countries apart from the UK?
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Are the available jobs online or onsite?
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Does Suraasa have a tie-up with the schools or government?
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If I need more help, what can I do?
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What are the application charges? Do I need to pay any additional charges for applying through Suraasa?
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What can be the minimum expected salary in these UK jobs? Are travel and accommodation arranged by the recruiter?
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What is a Valid Teaching Licence?
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  1. Any resource or company listed in this section has been gathered via publicly available information. We, at Suraasa, are not affiliated with any company, portal, school, or agency mentioned in any capacity, whether operationally or financially. Different companies may have their own placement processes and fees for visas, insurance, program, etc. (to be paid directly to them upon final selection), for which the candidate will be solely responsible and must do their own due diligence. Suraasa will not be responsible or liable for any outcome.
  2. The application processes for different jobs may vary. We recommend reaching out to their websites directly for any specific information regarding their positions. However, we do encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible, as waiting for responses may result in missing out on the opportunity. Please note that Suraasa is not privy to the processes of these jobs, and our teams may not be able to provide detailed guidance.