December 29, 2021

How to Deliver a Lesson Plan Effectively in a Classroom?

How to deliver a lesson plan effectively in a classroom?

Teachers work tirelessly in and outside the classroom to deliver effective sessions. From preparing for the chapter ahead to making assessments and taking care of the administrative work, they have a lot to do. However, the questions that stay in every educator’s mind are how they can instil a love for learning in students and what they can do differently to motivate students to participate actively in classroom discussions. It is a well-known fact that more than the subject content, it is the methodology adopted to teach a particular topic that increases students’ interest in a classroom. Hence, classroom sessions should be relevant and engaging for children to be eager to learn new topics.

Motivation in students shouldn’t come from the pressure of examinations; instead, it should gradually grow with the curiosity to gain knowledge and learn new things. The goal of a lesson plan should be to incorporate trending topics and draw links with students’ interests to make the subject matter educational as well as exciting. Teachers should create a framework for their lessons in advance and include creative activities to retain students' attention. Apart from creating an effective lesson plan, it is also important to deliver it effectively. Here are a few strategies for delivering a lesson plan effectively in a classroom.

Strategies to Deliver Lesson Plans Effectively

1. Use Student-Centric Approach

Classroom participation is the key to learning. Students at a young age always learn better with their own experiences. Hence, it is important for teachers to follow a student-centric approach while teaching by giving the students ample learning opportunities and always making them feel motivated to learn even more. Make them work with each other on case studies or projects for a better understanding and team spirit. Moreover, keep them engaged by having open discussions or quizzes for an interactive session.

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2. Inculcate Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A great method to effectively deliver a lesson plan in a classroom is by integrating online resources and digital tools in a class. The use of presentations, videos and other AI tools can help in effective lesson planning as well as delivery techniques. Students can retain information better when exposed to visuals as the brain holds this information for longer periods. Furthermore, it allows for more adaptive and personalised learning by focusing on areas of the subject that needs better understanding by the students

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3. Encourage Students’ Work

In a classroom, the best way to open two-way communication with students is to acknowledge their efforts. By asking them questions and assigning them project work, they should be recognised and complimented when they deliver good results. This helps students to focus on getting in-depth knowledge on the topic and participating in the class. Moreover, reflect upon their responses and queries to identify the gaps in learning and focus on the key areas that need better understanding. This will also help in identifying what works best in the classrooms and where educators can improve.

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For teachers to increase their horizon of knowledge and improve the skills of teaching, they can opt for mentorship and guidance from trustworthy platforms, such as Suraasa. It offers courses on classroom management and lesson planning that can assist teachers in making effective frameworks for lesson plans. These programs aid to improve the quality of education and help in bridging the knowledge gap.

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